St. Titus of Crete

   St. Titus of Crete

We could think of no better way to introduce this book than through Titus' own words. 'The Small One, Judy' of whom he speaks, was Judy Burkhammer, a psychic who spent much of her life channeling Titus. Judy passed away on April 30, 2003 in Arizona. Those of us who knew Judy and were privileged to receive life and health readings from Titus, have compiled his teachings into this book with the hope of fulfilling his wish of Bringing Universal Truth into Creation.

This book is dedicated by Judy Burkhammer to her 'Sparkling Granddaughter', Lindsay Morgan.

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THE BOOK OF TRUTH . . . . . . . Introduction by Titus.

My name is Titus, and I was born upon the island of Crete. I came into physical birth and knew the disciples well, and even knew the man Jesus. I traveled many parts of the earth by foot, wore out many thongs on my feet, speaking and preaching about the man Jesus trying to convince people also that all the man wanted to give was knowledge of the absolute purity of love that was given by the Divine Creator, or what the Lord Christ believed to be his Father.

'The Small One' was also present in that life and yet it has taken me 5,000 years to bring this one to the point that she was willing, you see, able to continue with this type work. This was a soul agreement between The Small One and myself.

I was once elected Mayor of Crete, and I was ordered by St. Paul to build churches there. I completed that mission with little or nothing of riches in my pocket. It was done mostly by gifts of people on earth and through miracles that the churches came into reality.

It was towards the end of my life that I was given and awarded the name St. Titus. I also was ordered by Paul to be a collector of tithings.

Paul and I separated our thoughts here, for he felt I should take as much as I could get from the people, and I believed the people should give only what they could afford. So, therefore they gave me a cot to place my head upon at night and would feed me on my travels, and the rest was put in coffers for the building of the church. As I said, the churches were built, did come into a reality, and this can be verified because they are still standing.

Once I achieved the status of Sainthood, I did not live very long. I chose to cross over and enter back into the Seven Heaven Worlds in which I worked my way up and now stay in the Seventh World, working through The Small One, Judy, with information and truth to people. And that is why I want this book to come into creation. And we shall call the book, 'The Book of Truth'.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.

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