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   St. Titus of Crete

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   St. Titus 1st Century

Questions and Answers. . . . . .

Thee may ask any questions that crosses thy mind, and if the answer lays in the realm of thy knowledge I will give thee the answer. And if it is beyond my realm of knowledge, then I will tell you so.

Q: Why write this book? Without it what happens? If the message is not followed, what happens?

A: Then I have failed. The purpose of the book, you see, is to bring to the everyday living consciousness, knowledge to help remove fear of death, to take stock of life, and to move forward in a happy merry way, understanding and embracing God as the creator, and the Creator of All Living Consciousness, whether it be upon the Earth or it be in other galaxies. And if this fails to reach the consciousness of the people, then I have failed in my attempt.

Q: What about non-believers?

A: It will perhaps knock on the door of their mind, and it may not be tomorrow or next week or even next year that the information will come through with a loud clear bell. It may even be at the end of their life. Somewhere down their journey of life there will be a communing with the understanding and the memory that is very deep in their soul, for they will come to terms with the idea that they are indeed a soul, and that they were created by a more divine supreme being. It may not be today, tomorrow or next week, but it certainly will knock on the door of the mind to let these people bring in a spark of consciousness, whereby they will begin to embrace the truth.

Q: What is the difference between Titus channeling and a psychic?

A: … one who is attempting to bring truth and wisdom back into the consciousness of humanity. It is true that I am not a fortune teller. For, you see, not all things that are of human Earth, human mind, can be predicted. At the turn of every moment, every individual will make a different choice. It is not that the card reader is wrong, or that the fortune teller is wrong, it is simply that the human mind has transferred and taken on a different event than what was predicted, you see. So, all changes, all movements of life, are within the divine consciousness of humanity. And when that movement moves to the everyday thinking mind, there is where the influence is made upon the human being. And that is the path I am attempting to take; contacting their higher consciousness firstly, letting them bring it on their own into the everyday conscious mind, keeping in mind always that there is freedom of free choice of will. And, therefore, it is through that gift of freedom of will that every individual has the right to either choose to hear my words or choose not to hear my words, and of that I have no control.

Q: If someone asked, “What was I doing on a particular day “, is that within your scope of knowledge?

A: It would depend upon the nature of the person, the reason for their wanting the knowledge. If it would serve a purpose for them to know, then certainly I would attempt to give it to them, but if it would serve no purpose at all, if it would degenerate the workings of who they are today, then I would not give the information. That depends upon the individual and the reason behind the question.

Q: Where are you now?

A: In the levels of the consciousness of the heaven world there are Seven Heaven Worlds, and that is where the soul and the spirit remain. My astral consciousness dissolved fifty years ago, or perhaps even longer. I am in the Seventh Heaven World, having worked my way here. At any given moment, I can choose to step over and become a part of that Golden Age of the Soul, again, but the moment that I do that, I can no longer communicate with the Small One. I can no longer give forth any information to anyone, for then I would be precluded, you see, would not even want to give information to the harmonic lift and contentment. So for now I am choosing to remain in the Seventh Heaven World, attempting to give help to the people of the Earth through the channel that is the Small One.

Q: The Seventh Heaven World, is that Nirvana?

A: It could be called Nirvana. To me it is back into the time of absolute contentment, absolute bliss, for that is all that remains in the super-consciousness. It is just contentment, bliss, and the knowledge that the God/Goddess Consciousness wants you to have.

Q: What is Nirvana?

A: It is an Earthly term. It is one used to describe a state of mind. As we have discussed earlier, Nirvana lays within the sixth level of the auric body. Through meditation, by breath and lifting, everyone can reach the state of Nirvana. Some call it experiencing a religious fantasy. For just a moment in time, for four or five minutes, you will experience complete ecstasy, which is a touch of what you will know after you have passed on and enter into the Seven Heaven Worlds. But it can be obtained, Nirvana, by simply taking a breath and raising. But here you are not actively participating in death itself, you are simply disciplining your mind to let the superconsciousness to step in and provide Nirvana for you, to provide for you a religious fantasy of thought and knowledge and desire, and perhaps even seeing the Divine Creator or Prophet.

Q: Gandhi – does he choose to come back?

A: Perhaps. That is the only way I can answer you, for I do not know what the soul of that one has chosen. If he has chosen to remain in the heaven worlds, then that is where he will remain and do his work there. If he has chosen to return back to the Earth for yet another lifetime, then he will do so. But he may not choose to come back as the prophet that he was in his one lifetime. He may choose to return as someone else. But it would be someone who is of a mercury type thinking and who has deeply seated spiritual ideas. That will never change within Ghandi.

Q: What does it take to get to the point where the soul does not have to return to the physical world?

A: It depends on how quickly the soul chooses to bring about its own evolution and its own spiritual involution. By beginning to climb the realms of the ladder that brings you back to complete and total spiritual being, that could take 100 or that could take 500 life times. It depends upon what the soul wants to accomplish. As a rule, and this is simply generally speaking, a soul will live through at least 150 or 200 lifetimes before it has come into the place where it can enter in and skip over the first, second, third and fourth heaven worlds, and enter at the fourth level and then move up to the fifth after it has made its choice whether to return to the Earth for one more lifetime or remain in the heaven worlds. After the fifth heaven world, there is not a choice. You will remain in the heaven worlds.

Q: How much time on average does it take from physical death until a soul returns to physical life?

A: That depends on the soul. If the soul has been traumatized and traumatized deeply in its most recent life on Earth, it may chose to remain in the heaven world for a hundred years. I am trying to put it in terms that you would understand, for time is of no consequence here, you see. To break it down into a hundred years, the soul and the spirit would remain in a state of slumber until it is completely rested, and then it would confer with the Archangels and then move into the second heaven world, and be embraced by the light of the Divine Creator, and then would make up its mind whether it is to return or not. Or, a soul will very quickly make the determination that he or she wants to return to the Earth to balance something very quickly. And they can return as soon as possible. They can make a complete turn around, and enter the Earth within one year or two years or three years upon their death. It depends on how tired the soul is. If it has been truly traumatized it may choose to remain in the heaven worlds under the protection of the Archangels until it is completely rested and then make its choice to return to the Earth, which would be a hundred years, two hundred years, five hundred years. Or it will choose to return immediately. That is a choice the soul always has.

Q: How old is the universe, from when the God/Goddess Consciousness took its first breath?

A: I cannot give you the exact number of years, but it would be close to a billion.

Q: During that time, souls have been cycled and recycled, for lack of a better term?

A: That is correct. Animal consciousness, you see, it came into being in the form of an animal. And then when the soul descended, some of them became entrapped in the density of the Earth; they were entrapped in the bodies of the animals. So, when the animals mated there was given out misshapen forms, such as some of them would have cloven feet, and some of them would be bent over, half-wolf, half-man, you see. And this was not in the proper image of what the God/Goddess wanted to create. So, now the great flood of Noah had come about and life that was known was completely wiped out. And then rebirth came. The souls could not return to the perfect state of bliss, for they were still entrapped within the Earth. But, now the human body comes into*mate. And the body is shaped from the Earth and from the stars of past galaxies, the dust of the stars. And therefore the human shape came into being through birth, and the soul had a vessel to enter. And then animals were reborn into their own shape, and there came the separation once again as it should be within the universe – two forms of living consciousness.

Q: Until the flood of Noah, about 3000 years ago, there was a mixture of human, animal and misshapen forms for a billion years?

A: That is correct. That is why the theory of Darwin is partially correct and yet it is partially wrong, for there is both evolution of the body, and involution of the spirit.

Q: Does an animal have a soul and spirit?

A: Indeed the animal has a soul. And it is in keeping with the animal consciousness. Now that of humanity may call it instinct, but the spirit of the soul will respond to the demands of perfect nature. There can be no interchange between the animal soul and the human soul. The animal soul will indeed evolve, but it will evolve just as a human soul does, according to what deeds it has performed upon Earth. If the animal has suffered greatly, and it has been abused, then I feel sorry for the person who has done this to the animal, for they will have to account to that animal in the astral world. And I tell you that the reality of the astral world is much more reality than it is here upon Earth.

Q: What does that mean?

A: There are those that hunt just for the love of killing. There is no growth in this, you see. It is simply dead weight upon the animal and the person who has killed the animal. After the person dies, he better have a good explanation to the animal of why he took his life. Otherwise, the animal will take his restitution right then.

Q: What about hunting for population control, hired by the state?

A: The state knows more than God. That is the presumption that has been made. That does not make the state correct in their thinking. For without a doubt, it may not be in the same year, or in the same two years, but eventually, that herd that has been overgrown will balance itself. It will either suffer a famine, or it will suffer in some manner that will clear away part of the greater herds, so that the stronger ones can live and reproduce and balance once again. All of that is in keeping with the laws of the universe. And when hunters are hired to go in and move animals from one state to another or when they are brought in to kill animals to bring down the herd then they are interfering with the laws of the universe, and it will always bring about a type of catastrophe. For everything is law and balance, law and balance. Look at your own state of Hawaii. At one time there were snakes on the island, so they brought in the mongoose. Now the island is overrun with mongooses, and the people do not know what to do with them. There is no law and balance. Everything in its construction was constructed accordingly to the laws of cause and effect.

Q: For animals, is there a similar rebirth of the soul?

A: Yes. An animal may choose to be reborn simply out of the purity of love, and it may choose to take on the same species. Or, an animal may choose to be reborn because of its actions toward the other animals, whether it has over-hunted itself, not from instinct, but more from a cruelty within the animal, and they have to come back to balance. Just as people, animals have to know law and balance, cause and effect. Otherwise, how could nature remain in a state of constantly balancing herself? It could not be.

Q: Do animals have as many reincarnations as the human soul?

A: No. Their reincarnations are far less in number. For remember that the animal consciousness is usually clear, where it will instinctually go within and stay within the flow of the universe. So therefore it is very difficult to lead an animal astray, you see, there is not much ego there. But when there is an ego there that it becomes overwhelmed and the animal becomes mean and bitter or hurt for whatever reason, then it begins to want to kill other animals. Then that animal will want to return to balance that, you see. By the same token, when human beings become involved with the animal, the human being may love an animal so deeply that after that demise of the animal, the person’s love being so great can actually hold the animal back from being able to go on and make the changes necessary in the light. So I say to you, grieve for your pet or animal when he passes over, but do not let yourself have the luxury of over-grieving, for otherwise you will hold your own animal back. But rather, send up a positive thought every day, and attempt to let go. And for all you know, that animal will return to you within a year, within five years, where you will have another that you will see a partial personality in, and that is the same animal as you had before.

Q: Is there ever any cross-over between the human soul and the animal?

A: No.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.