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People do use religion for everything. It is called “standing behind the skirts of Christ”, and by so doing, everything they say or do that does not turn out the way they expected, they blame on God. Everything is blamed on God. And not very many humans want to take the responsibility that it was their own acts, whether it be of greed, avarice or hate that brought forth this difficulty in the first place, you see. But, once they accept the fact that, yes, I am responsible for my own actions, I am responsible for what happens in my own past, then this is where the act of restoration begins to raise its head. For now it gives them the opportunity once this is acknowledged, to begin to listen to the God/Goddess voice within themselves and they can begin to move toward the light they can now see, and once they have reached the light, say, “Oh, that is why that occurred, that is why I lived through that. Now I understand, and now I can go about my work in helping humanity and helping God.”

But as long as humanity believes that God is not a great punisher, that God has moved something out of the reach, that God is simply sitting in a chair waiting for you to make a mistake, that is all nonsense, then people are going to continue in the same path that they are on. For that is not a truth. God is a spiritual being, a much higher being than any of you upon Earth, a far greater being than myself. That spiritual greatness is filled with all that ever was, all that ever will be, and all that is.

So, there is great acts or great emotions or the greatness of love in a * portion of the God/Goddess Consciousness. But also in God’s consciousness, there is that force that is of evil, and it can become as strong as the individual that possesses all of God’s faculties wants to use it.

That is why the force of Lucifer is so strong. That is why the force of those high tech pilots were able to sit down and be willing to die and kill all of the American people aboard that plane without one remorseful thought, is because the evilness of Lucifer in those few dissidents was greater than the God force and it was disguised in the belief system in these few people. To them, they believed that everything they were doing was right, and they would immediately receive their rewards after death. Imagine their surprise when they find out the truth, that they were led astray. The horror of that.

So, we return once again to those Divine Laws that will not be broken. The Divine Laws feed the individuals. The individuals lift their heart in love, and when they lift their heart in love, then that sends out the frequency of a much higher knowledge and it gets the attention of the higher angels, the hierarchy, to help lessen the effect of the catastrophe. The frequency can help lessen the degree of a catastrophe such as a tsunami wave. If there is a high frequency of spiritual mentality, where the peoples are offering up prayers and thanksgiving and acceptance to the God/Goddess Consciousness, that will change the frequency and certainly will lessen the effect of that frequency.

Now as to what happened because of the pilots, this is a good example of those souls who have connected with those who live upon the Dark Planet. There is no excuse, whether it be for Godliness or it would be for higher thinking, or it would be for anything toward a higher power, there is no excuse for murder. And that is what occurred, absolutely mass murder. Now they can disguise this under the name of different prophets or different faiths of the people who perpetuated it, but again that is only words. Divine Truth states, love thy neighbor, love thyself. And if thee loves thyself, then thee cannot possibly in any way shape or form perpetuate an act of such murderous capabilities that took place.

The souls that created this act, even now as I speak, are wanting to go back and change, from the soul level, wanting to go back and change their deeds. But it is too late, you see. Now, the karma begins with these men or women that perpetuated this with the people whom lost their lives, for it is to the people whom lost their lives, that the forgiveness must begin firstly. And it has to begin on that God/Goddess conscious level, or the people who perpetuated this act will remain with the light or the flicker of light within them extinguished forever and will go to the Dark Planet. But, in this manner, there is no way physically that this act, dark act, can be looked upon as having further creation within it. It is simply an act of desecration. It is an act against souls of the Earth, and therefore, it is the souls of the Earth that must send these murderers a type of love light so as their souls can lift and go on to have the opportunity to return to the Earth and to change what they have done in this lifetime. Now that is the only way that any growth will come forth from this.

These individuals will be brought to justice. What occurred in this is called instant cause and effect. The people will be caught and they must be punished according to the act of hate and rage toward the people of the United States. So, therefore the death penalty is in keeping with the correct balance of judging. Not judging through the acts of revenge or hatred that would lie in men’s heart, but rather judging accordingly to the laws of humanity, whereby the evil had overweighed the good, you see. So, therefore, the punishment is meted out in the death penalty. But then, what has occurred is the opportunity is given in the same lifetime for these souls to have time to go to the heaven world, working slowly up through the astral world until they have decided they must come back and redo this great act of contrition, to help balance what they have done now, so, they are being judged on the Earth solely without hate, without revenge, without the mental attitude of wanting to get even, but because it is justice. It is against what the God/Goddess stands for. So therefore, the souls themselves are going to have to be looked upon as souls that are at this moment depraved. Even though they are dead, that does not change depravity. So there must be the type of light sent to these people, so as it will help them further move up the astral worlds more quickly, so as to give them an opportunity to return to the Earth later in this millennium to balance this act that they have done.

This has been taking place, these other types of cultures, taking the life of what would be called Christians, all the way back through time. For whenever the head of a government, during the Copper Age or Iron Age, wanted to accomplish something for his own good, all of a sudden, it became a divine law. So, rather, the divine law was not based upon the God/Goddess Consciousness, but rather was perpetuated and given out by a head of government, that in reality was a despot, and that is what is occurring today. The actions and the thinking have never changed and they are not going to change. So what people who are not of that mindset must do is keep their own faith in themselves and in their own thoughts clean and pure, and be willing to defend that right, for we cannot change the belief systems of those who have this psychosis for thousands of years, and have even been passed down generations and generations and generations. They do not see it as a failure in thinking correctly. They see it as a path of righteousness, a path to make themselves a martyr. So it is a mental attitude, a psyche, of these types of thinking in different cultures that it is going to continue. It cannot be stopped until the very people that perpetuate it and pass it along can begin to see the error of their own thinking. But do not look for that to happen or to change soon, for that has certainly been going on for many millenniums. So what the people that are not of that faith or culture must do, is begin to send up prayers to the God/Goddess Consciousness that the consciousness and the faith of these others begin to take a turn around where they see they are accomplishing only murder and accomplishing self-destruction, and that is not part of the God/Goddess plan.

I do not know all that has been written. It is only the God/Goddess Consciousness that knows all and that knows everything, and I am not accessible to all, you see, for there are things that have not yet manifested.

These acts, as aforementioned, have been carried out through centuries, and in earlier times the weapons were of a more simplicity. But the hatred in the peoples had not changed and with each time that this has occurred, the weapons have gotten more sophisticated, but the hatred has not changed. Surely, the people must see where the unbalance is here. It lies in the hatred that lies deep in the seeds of greed, deep in the seeds of avarice, deep in the seed of anger and lust that lie deep in everyone within humanity. In some phases of humanity it has been masked and in other phases of humanity it has been left to broaden and grow and therefore the hatred had become overwhelming.

It again returns back into the levels or frequencies of the perfect laws of the universe. From the time a small beetle moves the grass, it sets off a chain reaction. It causes the grass to move. The grass moving catches the eye of the eagle. The eagle sees the beetle, and there is the eagle’s lunch. So it is in perfect order, perfect sequence within the laws of the universe.

Now when hatred enters into it with such a degree, such a capacity as it has over the centuries, continuing to build, continuing to grow, the people have lost sight of the frequency of the soul consciousness, of the divine consciousness, and of the super-ego consciousness. The evildoers that perpetuated the act did so because they were told to do so. They believed the way they believed because they were told to believe that way. And so it must be realized that that cannot be changed, only through higher intellect, higher teaching, higher command, a more stern approach to the people of the countries that believe in the manner that they believe.

It is going to be a difficult thing to change and perhaps it will never change until the Seventh Millennium is here. Until then there will be acts of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, fires, earthquakes taking place, and the only way these acts of the Earth can be alleviated is through the consciousness of restoration. People must raise their restoration levels of thinking, and know that whatsoever they are living through, that no matter how difficult it is, how painful it is, how sorrowful it is, it can be overcome if they see it for why it was created, and it was created by humanity. The idea here in this situation is for humanity to live through this terrible act of evil by knowing and keeping stored in their consciousness that from this they will have learned greater respect for themselves, greater honor for their God, and greater defense for the entire country and a stronger backbone. To keep a restoration attitude is what is going to overcome what has occurred.

So it is a truth that in the Sacred Heart of Divine Consciousness there is all that ever can or will be. It is contained right there. The light, the spark that lies in human spirituality, has the right of free will to either follow the star or the light of goodness that is a part of divinity, or they can choose to follow the light of the star that has known terrible evil, and has even created the Angel Lucifer, and then Lucifer took it upon himself to turn everything around and embrace the evilness of that one star, you see. And now he has fallen, has descended and has had to find his own home, no longer of the heaven worlds. But if he would be able to find one flicker, no matter how small, of a flame that is of any goodness, he could still bring that flicker of a flame up, up, up, until it was burning brightly to follow and to join the divinity of the God/Goddess Consciousness, but obviously this is not going to happen.

It is the astral consciousness, the shell, that goes to the astral world to slough off, drop off, any misbelief or disbelief or anything that has been causing an individual pain or hatred. Again, they have the ability to cleanse themselves, you see. They have four astral worlds in which the astral consciousness can cleanse itself so it can dissolve. In the meantime, after the spirit leaves the body, it immediately rejoins the soul, and the soul and the spirit now go into the heaven worlds under the protection of the Archangels, especially those who are of great evil or great goodness, either/or. And here they are protected.

The conscious mind falls away because the brain after death can no longer produce and work. The conscious will falls away. The ego conscious falls down and takes over the subconscious. The subconscious takes up and becomes the conscious mind of the soul.

So now, the soul and the spirit, the mind, will go all the way back to the beginning of every lifetime and will show you where the soul has been, will show you what the soul has accomplished, what it has not as of yet accomplished. And then the soul and the spirit come awake, move higher into the heaven worlds, and it is there where they make the decision whether to remain in the heaven worlds, or to return to the Earth to correct something they have done wrong. So, in all, even after physical death, there continues to be, just as there was on Earth, opportunity after opportunity to perfect self and still come into that pure white light, raising thyself, you see, to become a part of, to embrace the Supreme Being.

Now, in the case of these pilots, who in their own belief committed suicide and also murdered several people at the same time, their aura had left before they had even gotten on the plane. The aura had gone on into the astral worlds, including the people. At the moment of death, the spirit left and rejoined the soul. And it was at that moment while the soul and spirit were traveling to reach the heaven worlds for rest, that all of them had became overwhelmed in the act they had done, but it was too late, it could not be changed then. It is too late, the astral bodies must remain in the astral world, and how long they would be there I cannot tell you. I would assume it to be in time as thee know it, at least several hundred years, but I cannot tell you that with any surety. But I can tell you that these souls will not see, nor will they experience the type of rest that is needed for a soul to come back and complete the work. Now I am not speaking of the souls that are the passengers, just the pilots who will not get rest.

Lucifer descended, came down from that perfect race and had already been given free will at the time he did this. So, he chose to use his force or his energy to perpetuate evil between himself and God, between himself and other souls. Once he assured himself that he could do this, then that resolve has gotten stronger and stronger over hundreds and hundreds of years.

So, now he is equal to God in the two different forces, good force/evil force, as the Angels. He is one of the greatest forces able to work, able to continue to perpetuate evil acts of great magnitude. Since the gift of free will was given, the God/Goddess Consciousness finds it very difficult to stop this. The people themselves, those people who have let greed, avarice, anger, hatred, begin to rust out their spirit, they feed that hateful energy coming from Lucifer. By feeding that energy coming from Lucifer, they also help to activate it, make it more real, to actually create destruction such as has happened.

And now, it is going to take the opposite to bring about any clearing up of this horrible mess. It is going to take even those who have passed over in the astral world, where they are still of the light, of the God-Light. It is going to take their energy to clean this up, to put more direct positive energy into it. It is going to take much of the energy of the humanity on Earth to put into this. And it is going to take so much of energy of everything that is living and that is good to help lift up that portion of the Earth again.

And in the meantime, now that Lucifer has * created, working through his evil descendants upon Earth, he has now returned back to the Dark Satellite, and is sitting there chuckling, you see. Once again, he feels that he has prevailed. But that is not a truth. It shall come to pass that the evil intent will be wiped away. Then those souls that are completely evil intent shall also be wiped away. That is the Armageddon of which we have spoken.

It will be love or extreme hate, for those are two of the strongest emotions. Depending on the amount and degree of love between someone who has passed over, that will be the one that he or she will attach to. It is a truth that they can contact and speak to you. It takes a tremendous part of energy on their part, and they have to use a tremendous part of your energy to make the connection, but they can do it. And, still, self is speaking with the astral consciousness, not the spirit and not the soul of that individual. That is why they would know so many details about themselves that they can give to you, for it is the astral shell itself that is talking. It is not the spirit, it is not the soul. That is forbidden.

As a general rule, the astral shell will lift away from the body, and perhaps in some instances, will say goodbye. Thee has read of people waking in the middle of the night and seeing their mother standing at the foot of their bed, and then the next morning have read that she has died. That is the astral shell traveling to a particularly loved child to let them know that the mother is leaving. And perhaps she will visit her other children in the same grouping. And then the astral shell will move on and will not contact those children again, unless she would happen to see that one of those children were in great difficulty. It would have to be a greater circumstance than usual. Then she could appear and perhaps even speak to them. Eventually, after they have lifted through and worked through the fourth astral world, then that astral world or body begins to crumble. Then they come into the knowledge that they really are truthfully dead. There is no physical body so the astral body continues to turn to dust. Then the spirit and the soul come awake. That subconscious becomes the conscious mind of the soul. And the rest has been said already.

There are guardian angels, and they are specifically trained, for lack of another term, to work with the humans upon Earth. Just as there are hierarchies in the government upon the Earth, there are hierarchies in the Angeldom. There is the small, some call them elves, that help take care of the trees. There are those that communicate with the wind, so as to keep the Earth swept clean. There are guardian angels. They go up in different steps, with the Archangel being the highest of all.

Your guardian angel will not try to lead you into any type of self destruction. He will always be there as your source. If you would get hurt, he would be the first one there to try to heal you. He would be the first one there to offer you different degrees of spiritual knowledge. Now, if your thoughts change, and your needs change, then you are going to find that your guardian will change, and you will have another one. Your guardian angels are given to you according to your different needs and your different actions as you go through life. Generally speaking, every individual has the guardian angel that has been with them over thousands of years, both awake and sleeping, and has known thee from many different previous lifetimes. And they are the ones that will be with you in any times of spiritual learning, spiritual beingness, and any time you ever have a problem with understanding or accepting the God/Goddess Consciousness. It will be that angel that will be with thee and speak up.

It does not matter if you are Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim – everyone has at least one guardian angel. In some instances there are more than one. But, as I said, thy angels will change as thy needs change, with the exception of the one that has been with thee for thousands of years. That one will not change.

Do not be mistaken, love is a powerful continuity. And, as such, as long a the astral shell of your loved ones remains in the astral world, if they find it conceivable to work in the astral world, so as they can move up, then they can still communicate with you, as long as the astral shell is in a state of wholeness. And if thee has had contact with them, then most assuredly it is continuing to be in the astral worlds. Perhaps it is not simply ready to dissolve, that it has more work to do with you. And that can occur also. Within that of the laws of the consciousness of the sacred universe all things are possible.

I ask many people to read the Book of Sephirot, and it can be gotten from the Jewish Society of New York. And the Sephirot translates to mean “The Book of Light”. It is not an easy reading, for it is written in the old script, and it is written in such a way that you must apply your thinking mind to be able to absorb it. Now, I do try to urge everyone to try to read excerpts from this book. And even though it is difficult reading, do not sit down and read page after page, thee will not get much from it except a bit bored and a bit dusty. But it is important enough to read excerpts from it, so each and every person will realize the effort and the love that was put into the light, referring to the electricity of the Earth, the light of the Earth that brought forth the gases that created the explosion that created the Earth. It is worthwhile reading, but it is slow reading. So, read excerpts from it until self gets bored, and then lay the book down, and when self feels like picking it up and reading some more, by all means do so. The Book of Light is an exceptional book to see and understand the beginnings of humanity upon Earth.

It is not of a necessity that thee must prove thyself by going to a church or synagogue every single week, but it is of a necessity that upon arising each and every morning, we give thanks to the God/Goddess Supreme Being that self has continued life. For embracing life given to thee by the Supremacy is then knowing that thee is not going to live in fear, thee is not going to live in a state of subjection or submission, that thee is going to raise thy arms above thy head, and see the beauty of thyself, the beauty of thy own teaching, the beauty of the living life that lays within self, and be willing to take responsibility for all of thy daily actions. It is this that is life. And it is this that is living proof of a Divine Supreme Being. Simply open thy heart and feel the love radiate from it. Feel thy heart radiate and respond to the heart of the Greater Supreme Being as it gives and it takes from you and blends together other families of humanity. For it is in this manner again that if humanity raises its head then the frequencies of the Earth * is going to change. And as the frequencies change, it will affect the children of the Earth. It will even affect the animal kingdom of the Earth, and everyone upon Earth will benefit from that raise that society is going to feel.

Now the God/Goddess, Mother/Father, Creator, however you see the God, this Spirit is silent. It is also diffusive, filled with divine intellect, divine force, divine love, and yet will never interfere with any decision that is made by self upon the Earth for once the gift of free will was given it can never be taken away.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.