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   St. Titus of Crete

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   St. Titus 1st Century

The Aura

We shall focus more energy and thought towards raiment for the aura that surrounds the body, for this is thy protection with prayer upon the Earth.

From the seventh level of the auric body, this is the portion that is known as all knowing. For it is here that you know everything there is to know about your own body’s future happening and the courage of past happenings of previous or prior lifetimes. It is in this part of the aura that the Karma bands actually show. And as these Karma bands are read, or even seen, then they simply can be peeled away like the layers of an onion. It is in this level of knowledge through meditation, that self can bring realization, as thee step outside of the body through auric travel to pursue knowledge of other universes, and pursue knowledge of divine intuition.

It is in the sixth level of the auric body that self can come to know nirvana, and experience pure divine embraces. Sometimes you have heard or read of someone who has had a religious experience. That is simply because, through meditation, they have reached a level of ecstasy in this higher emotional state. It is in this state of knowledge that you can experience feeling of universal love and divine love. And it is here that you can bring forth and give out the perfect law of grace.

It is in the fifth level of the auric body that the entire blueprint of the physical body remains in a perfect state. No matter what happens to the physical body, whether you would lose an arm or a leg to accident, or there would have to be an organ removed through surgery, within the physical body as seen in the fifth auric level, these organs continue to exist and the limbs continue to exist.

We feel that the physical body on Earth can maintain a more lasting maintenance if you know how to bring down and replace these organs in the physical body. That is not to say that the organ can be physically reproduced and actually appear, although there is always room for expectation and miracles, but it is to say that an organ can be brought down and actually give off energies that the original organ in the body did have, therefore helping the body to remain in a better state of harmony throughout the lifetime. Even though the body is made up of dust of the Earth and dust of ancient stars, nevertheless, it was built to last a lifetime. And through proper diet, through proper herbs, through knowing the energies of your own body when seeking to help recreate the organs in the body that have gone bad or have had to be replaced or removed, then the physical body can experience the natural energies that flow from each of these organs to help promote the body in health.

The fourth level of the auric body is the universal level. And it is here through meditation that self can step into a world whereby thee can see the Earth below thy feet, thee can see the universe in proper proportions, thee can recognize the ability to love all peoples, all cultures, all forms of animal kingdoms, the heart knows no boundaries when it knows of love.

It is in the third level of the auric body that the life force enters from the universe to help promote good health even to the mental and emotional body from the higher divine energies that run above. It is in this life force of the third level that self can begin to know and understand the work that self has to complete upon Earth. And that of the higher forces in the Archangels are here to help self with that project.

The second level of the auric body, is where thy own emotional body is built and this is where you see the heavier colors that appear in the aura, the reds, the heavy greens, the light blues. All of these colors will be seen as they promote or help show the emotions that a person is experiencing in that one given moment, and they change very rapidly. As thy mood changes, the color changes. It is through this that self can learn to master keeping thy emotions under better pull, learning not to give in too quickly to anger and to hate, not to give in so quickly to lust, not to give in too quickly to all of the negatives that are of the Earth, but rather yet to maintain and balance these emotions, for this is the way or the knowing that self can overcome many of the prior life patterns that self has spent on Earth in this journey today to help self overcome.

And then the first auric level of the auric body, this is where the “I Am”, where self realizes that self is indeed upon the Earth, that the body must be cared for properly, that the emotions must be maintained so as the mental part of the body can bring down the higher ideals, higher ideas, and put them into reality upon Earth so that they would benefit self and benefit humanity.

It is here that I am going to give information upon how to reach into that fifth level of the auric body so as each individual that reads this can practice this for a bit, and perhaps bring thy body into better health. It is simply find a time in the day when there will be no interruptions and then sit down and quiet the mind. Get quiet in the mind. Learn mental discipline. And begin this mental discipline by focusing upon the counting of breaths.

Bring in the first breath from the stomach deep in the abdomen, through the nostrils, hold three seconds, and then blow out. Think about that breath, and actually feel it helping you to lift from the physical body. Take the second breath, again from the abdomen up through the nostrils, hold three seconds, blow out, and concentrate on feeling thyself lifting higher still. The same with the third breath, then the fourth breath, and then the fifth breath, thee should be feeling light and airy, have no worries, and begin to feel perfectly relaxed and tranquil.

And then think about thy physical body. If self has been having migraines, then look at the brain as it lies in that perfect body in the fifth template or auric level, and just see the energies from that perfect brain coming down and entering into yours on Earth and entering into the next vessel,* both the arteries and the veins, and sending the migraine out, replaced with that new energy from the body that is lying in that perfect blueprint. If thy thyroid needs that balance, then focus on the thyroid in that fifth template blueprint of the body. See that thyroid coming down and replacing the one in thy own physical body. Just see it superimposed over thy own thyroid. And it is the same with any organ in the physical body. Just picture it and feel it coming down from that perfect body and entering into thy own body and strengthening or replacing that organ that has been removed surgically, accidentally or however. And then end this meditation, with one prayer, and that is, ask that all humanity be blissful.

Now, if thee will position thyself once each day to complete this small meditation, thee will find thyself feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically. And upon occasion, if thee wants to take a moment and breathe the color pink, seeing it flooding the skin behind the face and the skin of the body, thee will find that this will help the physical skin, that that one organ that covers the body remain always in a more youthful state of looking.

You can see many gifts have been provided for you by the God/Goddess Consciousness and this great raiment for the auric body is one of them. So, at each and every opportunity, use the gift that has been given. If you want to speak to your angels or your own guides, sit down and learn to clear the mind, find discipline, and then again begin the great deep breaths. Bring them up to the sixth level, in other words, taking six breaths, and then teach thyself to be quiet. Let the mind go completely in a restful state, and if you have questions for your guides, now is the time to ask them. Then be patient. Keep thy discipline in the silence and listen. And when the angels know they have your attention, then they will speak to you, answer your questions and even give you advice. Any decisions, however, that will be made, will be made by self, for not even the Archangels have the right to put their will over the will of self.

As you can see, there is a thread beginning here, and this thread is mind discipline. Teach yourself to be quiet, and to listen to others, to listen to the angels, to listen to the breeze as it blows through the trees, and listen for the voices in that breeze. Come into understanding and quietude, for you are always your own best counselor. For you have the Archangels, you have your own angel guides, and you have that divine grace given to you by the divine creator and is changed through the divine self, and then it comes down, enters into the body through the autonomic nerve system, and all that you must be is accepting. Simply say “ I accept,” and then let yourself feel, feel your mind fill with peace and content, and your body will respond. Your emotions will respond, and as the emotions become quieter, then the emotional body will be able to connect more with the higher consciousness of the divine self and then, before you speak, you will open your mouth and give the truth, not only to yourself, but truth to others. For you have taught yourself to depend on the divine guide that is naturally a part of self. You have given to yourself the gift of being able to listen, therefore putting down any type of radical ideas, any type of action that will bring hurt or harm to others, and it will also provide for you a level of consciousness that will open doors into many other levels of consciousness.

I do realize that the psychiatrists of the Earth speak of conscious mind and subconscious, but that is not a whole truth. In divine truth, there is one consciousness, but again, seven levels within that conscious. There is divine conscious, soul conscious, the super conscious, which feeds the higher self only. Then there is the collective conscious, some call this yang yin. And then there is the astral conscious, then the conscious line, and then the subconscious.

Although each of these levels of consciousness are separate, nevertheless, they can be interacting. When they are interacting, then self is actually entering one world of conscious, going back and forth, back and forth into higher levels of ultra-planetary universal consciousness. So, now you have opened doors into knowledge that is given only by the Divine Creator and now you can take that knowledge and benefit from it. If you are creative, use that higher consciousness to begin your book, to begin your painting, to begin to pursue that stream of consciousness on Earth that is the author, the scientist, that is the pharmacist, and so on you see. This enables self to release knowledge that thee has brought with thee from hundreds of lifetimes and it enables thee to bring it all together today and make this journey profitable, enriching thy life with joy and harmony, with peace, and with love. And again it has all been accomplished by self; self in the perfect attunement with divine self, with Divine Creator. Therefore, thee enables a perfect world, and that is the achievement of the soul to help bring about each lifetime perfection for thy soul, then thee is going to give it away and help other souls find perfection. So thee will raise the entire human element, you see. As other souls become raised in their levels of consciousness, then it is going to enable the new souls coming in to help do their jobs better and better for this new race of humanity. The babes that are entering now already are entrants of the fifth race of the soul. And you will find in this lifetime that many of these young babes are going to grow into prophets, into teachers, into philosophers, into that type of mind control where peace can be found more readily within self and then be taught for others to find it within themselves. This is the first beginning of the sixth race of the soul. And you, yourself, are a participant.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.