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Please accept the following meditations as a gift. Feel free to share them with those
about whom you care, and with all who might appreciate them. . . .



Am I not more than that
Image looking back
At me thru the mirror.
That painted and posed
Reflection that changes
From year to year
For would I still not be,
If the mirror were to fall
And shatter
And so, will I not still be
When this body is no more.
For has it not too, been
Only a reflection.


Say no goodbyes to those we love,
Though they have passed
from view.
Our mortal eyes seem not to see
The truth that our hearts do.
That love is of the spirit,
It exists beyond these shores
And love still flows between us,
Now and forever more.


Do you know the wonder
Of who you truly are.
Your spirit shines with light,
As bright as any star.
Within you are the answers
To all you'll need to know.
When you listen closely,
You'll hear that this is so.
With each new day come choices
That are yours to make,
So in the very truest sense,
Your life. . . you create.
Can you see the wonder
And specialness of you,
Knowing what you wish for,
You can make come true.



Each of us have chosen
This path we walk today,
To grow in understanding
And love along the way.
At times our road is rough
And each step is hard to make.
Or we can lose our bearings
And not know which path to take.
As long as we remember,
A destination is not the goal,
But the way we make our journey,
Will be the true growth of our soul.


How we choose to think

Determines what we will see,

And so it is that we,

Create our reality.


Life has a way of happening
Not always as we planned.
And so we learn to make the
Most of what we have at hand.
And as so often happens
In time we come to see,
That life was ony teaching us
To be all that we could be.



When you have done

All that you can

And know it was your best,

Then put aside

Your troubled thoughts,

And let the Universe

Do the rest.


Sometimes things happen

We do not understand.

Given time we then can see

There was a grander plan.


We wait until tomorrow

To see a brighter day,

And then look back in sorrow

At our hopes of yesterday.

If only we could all learn how

To make the most of life

Right now.



In life good things happen

And bad things happen too,

But choosing to be happy,

That is up to you.


The choice is ours

With each step we take.

It is we who decide,

What some call fate.


Dogs come into this world

With all the spiritual qualities

Men strive a lifetime to attain,

Loyalty, patience and

Unconditional love.



Who is always there for you
That understands and cares.
Who knows your greatest wishes
And your deepest fears.
Who, when you stumble and fall
And there is no help in sight,
Is there to pick you up
And set your world aright.
Who through your faults
And weakness
Still sees the best in you,
Who is it that can do all this,
It's you!


You can do most anything
Once you decide you can,
For everything that's come to be
Began with someone's plan.
So take a step and then one more
And very soon you'll find,
You can do most anything
Once you make up your mind.


Sometimes we need to change
Our thoughts
On what we thought we knew,
For things can look
Quite different
From another point of view.
And before we try
To change someone
Or tell them what to do
Remember that the only one
You can change is you.



I need to be gentle,

Patient and kind,

Allowing for faults,

Especially mine.

And when I have learned

How to do this for me,

Then I'll know how

To do it for thee!


When life all around us

Seems filled with cares and stress,

There is a place of calmness

Where we can go to rest.

Turn within to the quiet

For in it's stillness flows,

The source of our being

And the peace our hearts can know.


Sometimes we need to give ourselves
The biggest hug we can,
As there isn't always someone near
Who truly understands.
And there is no need to worry
If we seem to be alone.
When we have learned
To love ourselves
Everywhere is home.



A special magic happens
When we give someone a smile,
For if they give it to another
It can spread across the miles.
And what is most important
Are all the hearts that it will lift,
And that is why a smile
Is the most magical of gifts.


It's so hard to say a last goodbye

To our furry little pals,

Tho they were only lent to us

For just a little while

But on that day when we too

Walk through that other door,

They will be there to greet us

As they always did before.


To feel love is to know

The essence of our being,

To give love is to know

The reason for our being


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