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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century

The Beginnings

So we begin. We will speak of the soul, this wondrous living light frequencies that is the soul fed by that individual spark or ray of spirit that is continuously fed by the pure divine spirit or that which is called the God/Goddess Consciousness. To do this, firstly thee would recognize that the God/Goddess Consciousness is spirit that is pure. It is sublime and it contains within itself all that is, all that has been, and all that will ever be. The pure divine spirit is En Sof. This is simply an ancient Hebraic word that means endless. It is the creator of the divine universe and it is much like that of the sun for it is the center of the divine universe. It contains within itself all polarities. It is both awake and asleep. It is filled with love, wisdom, and it is creation in an absolute unconditional form. It is the force or thy center of the divine universe. It gives to the divine universe pure motionless spirit of creativity and pure divinity. Therefore the universe, it is unlimited, it has a circumference that has no beginning and whose center is everywhere. Therefore in the universe there is a duality, and it holds within itself all that is manifested and all that is of yet unmanifested. The very life principle of the divine universe springs from the pure vortex of pure sublime spirit, the God/Goddess Consciousness.

Within that of thy soul there is a time that was called the Golden Race or Golden Age of Soul , and it was here that all souls rested in that of thy womb of divinity in a state that is pure bliss, pure ecstasy. When the Divine God/Goddess Consciousness or pure sublime spirit became active, it created great motion, great force. It is from this divine action that these souls, all souls were given a ray of divine spirit, and it is the spirit that always gives expression to the soul, the soul being the receiver of this expression. When this occurred there came into being pure divine triad with the God/Goddess Consciousness or sublime spirit began creation, and in this very act of creation and in this divine triad there became manifested that that is named Kether. This is a divine force, Chokhmah which is divine wisdom and Binah which is pure love, pure understanding. The spirit that feeds the soul accepted this and therefore recognized its own creativity. When this occurred the soul took upon itself mental consciousness. This is often called thy Silver Race or Silver Age of Soul you see. And it was here that the soul became atomic, therefore diffusive. It was here that it recognized its own polarity of masculine/feminine much like the Adam/Eve, and it recognized love, understanding and creativity, for it was being fed from the pure divine triad. And yet in this state of mental consciousness that the soul became more atomic, it began to come into different components to split. It is only one component of thy soul that did choose to descend down through that which is called seven spiritual worlds or heaven worlds, through astral realms, down through each of the seven major planets that firstly was created in thy universe and then that of the Earth, became a foci point or a creation, somewhat as a cushion so as the soul could descend no further. But there is a component of thy soul that has remained in pure divine bliss, divine ecstasy, that has never descended and will never descend. As a component of thy soul did descend, it spent time upon that of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and so forth. If the soul chose to learn from whatever energies this planet had to teach, the soul would awaken. If there was no knowledge to be gained by the soul, then it would simply remain in a state of repose while it was upon this planet.

As thy portion of thy soul descended closer to that of Earth energies, here it was that the soul became curious with the same divine force that gave spirit to the soul also created and gave life to the planet Earth. Every soul is fed continuously that of seven great emanations and these emanations are Chesed, which is kindness, Geburah, which is power, and Tifereth, which is beauty and glory. These are the moral or spiritual attributes that the soul is continuously fed: Netzach which is victory, Hod which is splendor, and Yesod, which is foundation, and that helps to bring in the creation of nature and is also part of the pure being of soul. And then there is Malkuth, which is simply leadership, and it is Malkuth that helps harmonize all of the other active spiritual gifts so as man upon Earth can use them to remember his place in the heaven world.

As the soul came closer to that of Earth energies it recognized that of the foundation or Yesod, and this is the world of nature. It was here that the soul saw that of animal consciousness, plant consciousness, mineral consciousness. And as portions of the soul watched that of animal consciousness, it descended closer and closer, therefore entering into Earth energy. And here it was that those souls that chose to enter into that of the external plane of consciousness or that of the Earth, became somewhat entrapped into this coarser denser materiality.

It was at this time that they found within that of themselves, that the higher more refined gossamer spark of spirit that fed to the soul could not lift them from this external plane. There were those souls that did choose to hover about the Earth, and therefore the frequencies of the soul began to create more that is called light beings, and it was these that attempted to help lift these souls from the state of consciousness. It was these same souls that then later chose to enter through physical birth to become the teachers, the counselors, the healers, to again help, to again teach that, that is of all things, the infinites of God/Goddess Consciousness.

See that as these souls entered into that of the Earth, that there began to come about what is called the Copper Race of the Soul. That is the Copper Race where the mind became more active in that of physical and Earthly happenings. It was here that the five great civilizations began to spring up. Now at this time the soul had become so engrossed in that of the physical material energies that there began to be a further and further separation between the internal self, which is the myriad of spiritual atoms, and that of the external self, which is the Earth. It was here that that of the five races of humanity came into being and it was at the end of this Copper Race or Copper Age, that came the Iron Age, or Iron Race of the Soul.

Now there has come into being that of full manifestation of the physical body, physical mind physical emotions, and it was in this race of humanity that that of the great despots of time came into being, those souls that had chosen to glorify the external self, through power, through greed, through avarice. And it was here that that of cultures began to suffer from that of one race attempting to impose their will over another race, that of one government attempting to become all powerful, to own all land, all peoples. This was during a time when in that of spiritual awareness, that that of thy Divine Love, Divine Wisdom became somewhat dim, overshadowed you see. See that when that of the great waters covered the Earth, that in that of thy beginning that many souls that had become entrapped in that of Earth consciousness, animal consciousness, that here they were given the opportunity through that of physical death to choose to re-enter into the Earth again through physical birth.

Within each age of consciousness of the Earth there has been spiritual awareness, spiritual knowledge. It is at times that this has dimmed and there are times it has burned brightly. See that at this time, that of the involution of thy soul, is now reached that that is the Fifth Race of humanity. It is in this Fifth Race of humanity that we are now beginning to see more awareness of the totality of spiritual awareness and as thy Sixth Race is entering now, it will be more and more of spiritual awareness, spiritual consciousness coming over that that is humanity of Earth. And it is in the Seventh Race of humanity and humanity will begin to perfect itself, firstly upon the Earth, so that that of thy soul and the spirit that gives expression to the soul, can again ascend up through the lower astral planes, up through the seven heaven worlds, until this component of soul that has chosen to enter into the Earth and to experience journey, again reunites with itself and achieves the state of perfect bliss, perfect ecstasy. It is at that time that the need for the Earth will no longer be in existence. It is then, and only then, that the Earth itself will no longer be, you see. The Seven Great Spiritual Emanations that continuously , moment by moment, feeds to the spirit of self, feeds to the raiment that surrounds the physical body.

It has been written that God created man in his own likeness. We say this is a partial truth. The God/Goddess pure sublime spirit gave through creation active rays of the same spirit, and herein lies the likeness within self to the likeness of pure divine spirit.

Since thy soul has chosen to enter into life energies upon the Earth, therefore the soul has received many impressions; impressions given forth from the school of humanity, and yet thy spark of spirit within continuously, moment by moment reminds thee and thy divine self of that which has been given that rains down upon thee, much like that of the rich oils or the Kim, and these are the rich oils of grace. It is these rich oils of grace that lets thee rest even during the midst of thy labors. It is these rich oils of grace that let thee recognize that every life, every journey upon that of the Earth energies, indeed is filled with purpose. It is in knowing this that thee would always take joy in that of life regardless of circumstances, that the soul has a purpose. The soul is attempting again on this journey to ascend higher and higher until it again knows pure ecstasy. To recognize this rich oil of grace, rich freedom of will, is to know that all doubts and fears can be dispelled, is here that thee will know and understand reason. It is in this knowing, through divine grace, divine will, that each soul is enabled to forgive all and set feet firmly upon the path of attainment seeking at-one-ment.

Now since the soul through its journeys has not achieved yet a state of perfection, then it is always the soul through its own reflex action that determines the form, shape of the manifestation of physical body. It is the raiment around thy physical body oft called the electrical body or the aura, it is this that is a medium between the lower manifestation of physical body, mental body, and emotional body and the body of soul.

That of thy physical body as it came into being, also brought into manifestation the mental mind and the emotional body. For without that of thy liner thinking mind, you see, humanity can not make decisions while upon the Earth, and without the emotional body then the soul would be denied experiencing that of all emotion, therefore, again letting the spirit, the spark, the atomic breath of the soul, give it expression.

While upon that of the Earth seek to know the sacred sun within, for the sacred sun within has within its own, that of seven great prisms. These seven great prisms will enhance thy knowledge of angeldom. You will become more fully aware of the seven great Archangels that is always present, always to give thy own guardian angel guidance. It is the seven great Archangels that are the seven great foci points, and therefore thee is never alone. The seven prisms within self correspond identically to the seven great spiritual gifts given at the origin of the soul, and it is these seven great spiritual gifts, Chesed, Geburah, Tifereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth that will enhance any creative path that thee would choose to express thy soul’s purpose upon Earth. Whether it be the path of the artist, the musician, the scientist, the medical profession, the archeologist, it matters not the creative path that thee would choose. It is that thee would become more aware of the great spiritual emanations feeding to the spirit that give enlightenment to any path. It is in this manner that thee always would seek to revel in being, to express joy in life regardless of thy circumstances. To begin to practice this every day is to become aware of the higher divine self, higher form, for it is in this divine self that the rich anointing of the oils of grace come down and then into self, through self, and around self. Just as it is the soul that chooses the form or condition of the physical body, see that the physical body, the physical mind, the physical emotion, are simply manifestations for the soul. They are manifestations made from dust of the Earth and dust of ancient stars and they are a vessel for the internal self and the great spark of thy own divine spirit that feeds to the soul, it is a reality of molecular structure in which the soul resides. It is always of a betterment to seek the internal self and to always seek that it would become greater than the external self or that that is the ego. We tell thee, that which is of the Earth indeed it will pass away for it is mortal, but that that is of the soul, of the spirit, this is immortal.

In that of thy universe, the first principality is that of humanity. The second principality is that of Earth. The third principality is that of universe. Now each of these lower three principalities must depend upon each other, and all three depend upon the fourth principality, which is divine sublime spirit with God/Goddess Consciousness. The fourth principality depends upon nothing, no thing for its support, and yet each of the three below, you see, must depend upon the fourth. There is that in the universe that is given the principle of motion, energy and unconsciousness. This then, in turn reflects itself upon the Earth in that of the form of matter, for motion is the life of matter. Energy becomes a force; unconsciousness becomes consciousness in that of the waking of the mind.

That of the physical body is given seven great senses, and these seven senses of the physical body correspond to the same seven senses that is of the divine self, and the seven great senses that is of the soul. There is that of taste, smell, touch, hear, see; two more, intuition and transpersonal. It is the mind that depends upon these seven senses for its support, for it is always tabulating knowledge. These seven senses appear again in the higher divine form, only here they are much more refined, much more gossamer. And they appear again in that of the effervesce body that surrounds thy soul. And here touch becomes the ability to recognize captured energies, seeing becomes seeing in all knowledge, hearing becomes hearing in even the very harmonies given forth from the orbits of the planets, intuition becomes divine perception, transpersonal becomes thought transference. So it is through the seven senses of the soul, the soul is always aware of its divine creator and therefore 0f its own divine spirit, for the soul and the spirit are a duality, one cannot exist without the other. The spirit is always the moving, scintillating atom of light that was given breath force from the divine spirit, and the soul is always aware of this. It is simply on the lower trinity, the physical body, the physical mind, the physical emotion, that that of thy daily activities, daily worries, anxieties, the soul and the spirit would ofttimes appear to be a thing apart, but in reality it is not. It is of a far greater reality than even that of the physical body and that of the Earth. This is in keeping with the divine immutable law, as it is above, so it is below. It is within this knowledge, and we would tell every being to take the divine immutable law, ‘Love Thyself’ and put it into application every moment. To love thyself is simply to see within every cell in the created physical body, and is to release the atom of divinity that lays within each of these cells. Love thyself, love thyself, for it is only self that would judge self, and as that of thy own soul and the spirit that feeds thy soul is seeking to obtain perfection, then the soul always recognizes its missteps, its errors, therefore will choose to continue to progress until it has attained the state of perfection.

It is not always necessary for a soul to choose to reenter that of the Earth frequencies, therefore taking on the encumbrance of the physical body. Ofttimes the soul will choose to learn in higher spiritual worlds without the encumbrance of the physical body, but know that it is only thy soul, thy spirit of self that will judge thee, self always meets self. So do take each moment and to think the positive thought of thyself, and to send the positive thought out to others is to always give to the spirit and the spirit always gives to the soul, a way, a means, to balance the divine immutable laws of cause and effect. See that while upon the Earth, ofttimes it is easier to learn from the school of humanity, but see in that of the school of humanity, laws can be easily changed, can be changed by that of a society, by the whim of a government, and therefore they come and go. The divine immutable laws are given forth from divine wisdom, divine truth, divine spirit, and therefore they are immutable. They cannot be changed, they will not be excused, they stand.

To discipline the mind and to seek thy own inner well of stillness of sanctuary , is for each to learn to utilize the powers that lay behind the external mind, and these five great faculties are, intellect, reason, perception, discrimination and will. To exercise thy will with divine will is to choose to exercise the greatest spark of divine spirit and to utilize it in such a means, such a manner that thee will always give love to self and love to humanity. To correlate thy intellect with divine intellect is for thee to choose a path that will always let thee express the greater ideas, the higher ideals of self. To let thy own perception correlate with divine perception is for thee to begin to see knowledge that lays beyond the Earth, knowledge given forth by wisdom and infinity. To choose to use thy discrimination with divine discrimination is for thee to give love to humanity, but love from that of a Christ consciousness, therefore giving self the freedom to be thy own guide and not at the whims of others in humanity. This begins with one divine immutable law, ‘Love Thyself’.

See at the same occurrence as that of thy own universe came into being from that of divine force or Kether, it is one of seven universes within that of the divine universe. Upon these other universes, indeed there is that of life, but it is not in that of the manifestation of thy physical body as thee knows it. It is different life forms. Some of these are highly advanced in that of technology and yet are not fully advanced in that of spiritual awareness. But it is simply to know that while thee is upon the Earth that it was self that chose to be upon the Earth and therefore give the best of self to the body, to the Earth and to the environment. All life, whether it is of thy universe or from another universe, is created by one divine source and this is pure divine sublime spirit, God/Goddess Consciousness. So it is in knowing this, recognize that self is only responsible for the soul of self, and that thee would continue to choose to be of service to the soul of self and therefore of service to humanity. There is not another being that will come into this universe to do thy work for thee, it is only self. Love Thyself. Let thy own internal myriad of spiritual atoms always become greater than the external self or the ego, and thee will find that each journey chosen by the soul will become easier, and that thy own path today will become more free from that of small diversities, small worries, small anxieties, for these are a minute thing in that of the realm of soul, Love Thyself. We send peace and light. That is all.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.