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Electrical Bodies - The Chakras

That is called the chakra. These are merely you see, openings in that of the luminous body. That they are openings that permit that of divine energy and the Earth energy both to enter through the different levels of the aura, and therefore be a recharging you see, a continuous recharging. The root of the chakras lay close to the spine and then from the very root of the chakras to the opening you see, of the outer opening of the chakra, then there is another root, another widening , another root and this continues throughout each chakra, and will go from the very first level of the electrical body, through all seven levels. Each chakra will complete this journey you see, from level one through level seven. These spiritual openings, this is where that of the energy, both divine and the Earth enters, and then it becomes converted to that of thy own electrical field of energy, it becomes thy personalized, in other words. And just as thee determined the shape of thy aura before birth, thee has no control over the shape of the chakras themselves. But yet from that of thy very thinking process thee has an influence on how the energy that is inducted into the body is utilized, revitalized you see. And when even that of thy Earthly thinking is of a depressive state it may pull down these openings, they become a little more closed you see, so that the fullness of the divinity can not enter into the luminous body, but even then, nevertheless they will open as wide as thy can to continue to feed, you see.

To that there are seven major chakras. The first of these major chakras is the emotional centers of self and the back of the same chakras is that of the will centers of self. These are the major ones for they have the most responsibility you see, to feed, to feed to revitalize that thee can experience that of the fullness upon the Earth.

There are twenty one minor chakras. Two lay behind each eye. Two slightly outside from the temple. And upon the cheek bones and that of the throat area there are two. And that of the upper chest there are four. There is one in the palm of each hand, behind the knees, one in the bottoms of each foot you see, some openings in that of what would be called the chest bone itself. Now these are the ones, especially in that of thy feet and that of thy hands, absorb and bring up from the very center of the Earth you see, that of the natural living Earth energy so that thee always remembers where thee is at the moment, that thee is upon Earth and therefore thee must have Earth energy you see, that of the mind self simply would not float away. There are that of fourteen lesser chakras and there even many more tiny ones you see, scattered throughout the body, these are called vortexes. That of the many twenty-one chakras thee will find that these come together in the body where the energy strands cross approximately twenty-one times. Many call these meridian points and that of the electrical field of the body.

That of the base chakra or the first chakra; every chakra operates at a higher octave of sound, higher octave of color frequency you see. That of the base chakra, this is the adrenal chakra. Many call it the survival chakra and it absorbs much of the Earth energy for it is a necessity you see, for that of the first level of the electrical body to receive Earth energy. This chakra corresponds to the frequency that is red.

The second chakra is the gonad chakra. It is of an orange and it deals with the emotional levels of the luminous body and of thy own Earthly emotional body.

And that of the third chakra is that of thy brilliant yellow you see, for this is the life force of the physical body. It corresponds identically to that of thy mental consciousness.

The fourth chakra is of concern here to that of the division line or the astral line between the lower three chakras and the higher three. This is where is experienced what is called love of the universe. Love for all humanity lays within that of the fourth chakra.

The fifth, ah, this is of the throat and this is thy communication center.

The sixth lays in the center of the forehead and it is connected to that of the pituitary system, and it is the pituitary that feeds to the thyroid and to the pineal. Ah, this then becomes that of the intuition centers.

And that of thy seventh opening, this is the pineal you see, this is the seat of divine wisdom.

Now that we have given corresponding chakras to that of seven organs of the physical body, now we will begin to talk about other influences upon these chakras. Now that of thy first chakra, the base chakra or the adrenal chakra, this is given influence by the planet Mars and here we have the great Archangel Saint Samael that is the Archangel of Mars. And therefore it is this one’s task to feed to thee influences that will let thee master the difficulties and problems upon Earth.

That of chakra two, the gonads, the emotionals, this is influenced by that of the planet Saturn. Cassiel is the great Archangel of Saturn, often pronounced as that of Jophiel, either name is correct. That of Saturn is the teacher you see, and it is Cassiel that gives to thee the influence of teaching and bringing order out of chaos, helping to calm and operate from that of a more tranquil emotional body, you see.

And that of the life force or third chakra goes to that of the pancreas of the body. The influence here of the planet Neptune, Gabriel is the Archangel of Neptune. But this is such an important center, there is that of two great Archangels, Gabriel that is to the Moon, is to Neptune and that of Krishna or Christ that is to the Sun. That of Gabriel or Neptune has influences for that of the more mystic qualities of self, and that of Krishna or the Christ divine force influences through that of the Sun. This is the driving force you see, that feeds to the life of the physical body and to the life of the luminous body. Both of these great Archangels are of an influence upon thee if thee will but let them. For that of Gabriel, ah this one can release in thee the softness, the sensitivity that feed to the moon of self, the dreams of self, for this is a part of thee. And that of the Christ or the Krishna, this is of the masculinity you see, it is the richness of the sun that gives life, that continuously feeds life into the stomach, for without the stomach there could not be physical life, you see.

And to that of the fourth chakra where the heart, the heart of the divine universe. Often we call this the Sacred Heart, for within this portion of this astral consciousness, it is here that the great sacred heart can be seen and held for that of love for all humanity, love for all cultures. This has influence by that of thy planet Venus. Venus’ great Archangel is Anael, and it is this one’s task to help thee bring down from the beauty of the heavens, beauty of the planets in their orbs, to bring down and bring into reality on Earth the great beauty, the great sensitivity, the reflection of the heavenly realms you see, creating through beauty, through love.

The fifth, speaking of that of the throat, the influence here is that of Uranus and it is St. Michael that is the archangel of Uranus. It is through Saint Michael that thee would receive the quick lightning flashes of great spirituality, spirituality that is present not upon Earth but is present in higher spiritual or etheric realms, you see.

And that of the opening six to the pituitary, the planet here that has the influence is that of Jupiter, and it is Zadkiel that is the great Archangel of Jupiter.

And the seventh for the pineal , the influence of the planet here is Mercury, and this great Archangel of this one is that of Raphael. It is the task of these two great Archangels to feed down and bring into thee the powers of light within self, that thee may master within thy own self that of communication systems of thought. It is their task that, that of thy openings are full to let thee recognize that of thy greater thoughts of self are the builders, for thee builds not only upon the Earth, but thee builds also in that of great spiritual realms, you see.

We would make a recommendation, and here thee would choose any day of the week that is a convenience to thee, but we would that all seven days of the week would be utilized to their fullest. And beginning with that of thy base chakra, survival, Saint Samael, that thee would set aside a bit of time and firstly thee would look at the spiritual openings as thee would look at that of thy lotus blossom, and thee would see the front of this chakra the emotional center, that the lotus blossoms open widely you see. Go to the back of the same chakra using thy imagery and see the back of this chakra opening you see, and then bring down that of the great golden light of the divine universe and cleanse this chakra well, and then let the lotus blossoms close until thee feels comfortable within this one chakra. And after thee has done this, then set aside a bit of time to spend in medatition, meditating upon that of the Archangel Saint Samael and what so ever difficulties or problems that thee would be having upon Earth. It is this portion of self that this is balanced well and the influence of Saint Michael is used to their fullest, that that of thy physical body can come into a state of better well being, better balance and some of the problems upon Earth can be mastered, you see. Spend a bit of time with that chakra, with that of the Archangel St. Samael, and do not be afraid to state thy problems or thy difficulties clearly, and be honest with self.

The second day of the week, do the same do the same with that of thy second chakra, the gonads. Whatsoever lays in that of the emotional body that would be giving thee a bit of difficulty you see, whether it is too much anger in self, whether there is that of a difficulty in lusting after another, or there is that of envy in the emotional body, whatsoever it is you see, be honest with self, let the petals of this great lotus blossom or this opening, open wide you see, and open the back and again use the great golden light from the divinities center of universe for the cleansing and washing away here of what would be called residuals you see, or even what thee could be called garbage, in a manner of speaking. Then bring these lotus petals back to a state that thee feels comfortable, where there is a good comfortability between the front of the chakra and the back of the chakra. Negative images that thee would hold within self that has anything whatsoever to do with sexual encounters, bring them to the imagery , wash them away from thy mind and release them from thy emotional body through the gonads you see, and then speak clearly that Saint Casiel, that of the great Archangel give thee influence, influence in how that thee can take of thy emotional body, that can bring a calming to it, a clearness to it, so that that of ancient images that would be of negativity would be a thing of the past. And from this emotional body then there is a calming and thee has just brought order out of chaos, you see.

Do the same with that of the third chakra, the mental chakra or the chakra that has the influence over the pancreas in the body, cleanse it well. First the emotional front then the back you see, the will center, using the great golden light and bring the petals, you see, into a state that thee feel comfortable. And then call upon the great arch angel Gabriel for thee to exercise the white moon in self. By the white moon this is simply the sensitivity in self that thee would develop in self a feeling that is balanced, thoughts that are balanced, that sees all cultures of people as they are, souls of the divine creator you see.

And to that of Krishna or the Christ, the Archangel of the Sun and the Archangel of this life center of self. Let this one be the influence of self, the great divine force within self would be fed by the Christ Force or the Divine Force for this is a manifestation of force given again by that of the divine spirit, the divine creator, however thee would see it.

Do the same with thy heart chakra, cleanse it well, know that thee is cleansing the individual heart, the heart of self. That of the heart of thy self would be open to receive the great golden ray that feeds to thy own heart and thy own heart not only then loves thy own self, but become a heart within the great sacred heart. For it is in this manner that to that of the development of the love within self and for self, thee can give enough love to others around self, that one heart would lead to another heart, another heart lead to another heart. This would feed the sacred heart you see, of the God/Goddess Consciousness. This will help bring up, bring up that of consciousness within the entire world. Working through self, working through self, thee can bring up the consciousness of the Earth.

And that of thy fifth, this is thy communication systems, this is where thee can see and hear and speak, understanding communications from all peoples, and thee can even enter in through this chakra into the fifth level of thy own luminous body, and here thee can see and hear and speak with that of thy guardian angels. It is here, this is the doorway, thee can spend a bit time in thy own level of the luminous body receiving great insights from thy guardian angels asking thy own guardian angels for guidance, and that of Saint Michael would give thee strength here, strength not only to help thee speak out when thee would see or hear of an injustice to another and also the strength within self to always activate the divine will of self.

Unto that of thy sixth, this is one of the most spiritual openings for it lays here within this realm. It corresponds to that of the sixth level of thy luminous body, that there is a full awakening of being, being whereby thee would feel and know and receive and give divine love. It is here that the Archangel Zadkiel, this one is a messenger that brings down and sends directly down to thee the divine love from the pure Creator, and it is here if thee would enter through this chakra and spend a bit of time in that of the sixth level of thy own luminous body, that thy everyday, no matter what thy circumstances would be, thee would approach all circumstances with the knowledge that thee is loved, loved in that of a state of perfection. For the love that Saint Zadkiel brings to thee as a messenger to thee is from that of the pure God/Goddess Consciousness and this is an absolute pure love, you see.

And to that of the seventh or the pineal here, it is here that to enter into this chakra is for thee to become aware of the divine wisdom, divine thoughts, the divinity of awareness. The one that is the Saint Archangel Raphael is also a messenger that can bring down to thee feeding into this great spiritual center. Both of these upper chakras are thy communication systems of the mind. It is from these communication systems of the mind that thee recognizes and knows the powers of light, and it is Saint Raphael that can influence and teach thee to use these powers of light to activate the higher thoughts that can be utilized to create, to send out, and to give great greatness to the world you see, greatness unto self.

Every chakra, every spiritual opening in thy body corresponds and enters and penetrates every level of the luminous body. Many call this a seven ray system, but we would tell thee that there is that of seven planets, seven levels of thy luminous body, seven major chakras, seven great Archangels and therein lays thy path to even greater knowledge. There is that of the full defense system you see, given to thee that surrounds and even penetrates in a manner of speaking, the entire lower trinity, the physical mind, the emotional mind, the emotional body, the physical body, that is the lower trinity upon Earth. This is simply a final outpouring of the soul upon Earth you see. And thee has been given seven great lights, seven great rays, seven great Archangels, seven great planets, seven great openings, seven great bodies of self, that if thee would so choose, that it would be of great benefit to thee while thee is upon the Earth, that thee could choose to lift thy self, whereby problems and difficulties upon the Earth become minor difficulties, you see, that the diversity that is experienced upon the Earth, for the Earth is not a perfect place. But yet thee has been given all the tools to bring the physical body, the physical mind and the physical emotions to a state of harmony, rather then experiencing disease.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.