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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.

Divine Laws

The first Divine Law is Love, Love, Love. And under that, firstly thee must love self, without any reservations, without any doubt, loving self fiercely and determinedly. Now this would not be confused with the ego, for the ego is not going to show you the proper portrayal of self. It will only mirror, show you what your external self wants, what your external self needs to achieve. And when the lifetime is over, and that is passed away, and thee will not have the **** anything. But when you give free reign to the spirit and love the spirit, then self cannot be led *** because the spirit will guide thee into picking one who is thy perfect partner, therefore giving expression to the soul. The spirit will guide thee in making the correct decision on helping self bring abundance to the soul throughout and you shall receive. Thee cannot make a mistake when thee makes decisions based on this law. For this law will always set thee *** with a higher energy or the higher *** Regions of self and the decision made is always one that is made for the benefit for all concerned, therefore spreading love outside of self and deepening love inside of self.

The second law is the Divine Law of Perfection. Now in this law, comes the act of will. It is good to have everyday emotions and everyday thinking. For thee did not *** awkwardly learn how to balance, how can thee learn to say no to that ego again, how would thee know when to say yes? So, this a law that helps thee balance and temper the everyday mind. So as thy will will always look for divine will behind that *** hour of the mind, and when it is found, then self will find contentment, happiness. All of this will be within self, and then thee can give it away to others. Thy cup will fill and run over again. You will give more of it away, and it will continue, and continue, and continue. You need not be afraid here. Let go of fear. For the first law has taught thee that thee can not love self and fear self at the same time.

The third law is the Law of Abundance, and again this encompasses love thyself enough to ask and ye shall receive. For the God/Goddess Creator did not create thy soul to spend one moment in misery, suffering, worry, anxiety. Also the created know joy.

Now if thee will take a moment and look around self, see the beauty of the Earth. Glorify thyself in the beauty of the Earth. And thee will find that within that very beauty of the Earth, thy hope will rise, and when hope *** rise, thy faith increases, and when faith increases, the law of abundance becomes more and more prominent in thy everyday living. So, if it is only ten or fifteen minutes a day, take a short walk and walk hither and yonder, and just think about the beauty of the Earth, the stars in the heaven, and the perfection of whatever part of the Earth self is living in. Be accepting of abundance, for thee knows not what form it will take. It may come in the form of cash. It also may come in the form of help from another. It may come in the form of thy work increasing. There is many, many ways for abundance to fill thy life. Just be willing and ready to say, “Yes, I accept abundance.”

The fourth law is the Divine Law of Above, So Below. And this simply means that whatsoever thee creates with thy everyday mind is going to put into thy aura, and it is going to remain there, good or bad, until thy moment of death, and then it shall leave the body, go to the astral world. So, be careful about what builds around self accordingly to thy thinking. You cannot hold one second of negative or hateful thought, for in the final end will destroy thee.

For an instant, take a look at an old tree, and it is standing high on the mountain top, when the woodcutters have decided it is time for that tree to leave. So they get out their equipment and they cut down the tree. But, if you look, you will see the outline of that tree still remaining. Only now, it is even more brighter. It is even more becoming to the eye. You no longer see the pit holes that were in it, or the broken limbs. But you will see there is a form of a tree coming into perfect existence. For now we have the reflection of that perfect tree in the astral worlds appearing upon Earth – a perfect, perfect view. So nothing ever dies, you see. It simply becomes more beautiful, and more beautiful, and more beautiful as it lifts itself up.

The fifth divine law, send a positive thought to others, and a positive thought to self, a least once each and every day, so as the now moment will be put into application, and the now moment is the law that balances the ancient laws of cause and effect.

If you will sit down for the moment and count down some breaths, and feel self lifting up till perhaps the fifth or sixth breath, and then determine what self needs and wants deep within self. And here I am not talking about money or the law of abundance; here I am talking about thy genuine needs, thy genuine wants, thy genuine desires to love to be loved. So it is here in these realms that whatsoever thee begins to *** , and to bring into existence, will come into reality on the Earth. For thee has put the law of application into a positive glow. You have asked the God/Goddess Creator to see your desires. And if they are in keeping with thy will and the will of God, then thy desires will be met upon Earth, far greater than any that self could imagine. They will be great beyond even thy thinking.

This is the laws as they have been completed.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.