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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.


One of the ancient laws that is written is that there are four principalities of the Earth. The first principality is the Earth, herself. The second principality is the people of the Earth, or humanity. They depend upon each other for life support. Without the Earth, the people could not live. And then there is the Universe. The Universe depends upon the lower two. The lower two depend upon the Universe. And then there is the fourth principality, who depends upon nothing and no one, but all three below must depend on that higher being. And this lies in the knowledge of every living soul that is born and has walked in footsteps across the Earth. It is just simply again, that sometimes the ego gets in the way, and the spirit forgets because the ego has overpowered it.

Now, the Spiritual Mother/Father, in its infinite wisdom, knew that the longer the soul spent on Earth, the easier it would be for the soul to follow the dictates of its ego, rather than remembering the purity of itself when it knew divine bliss. If you would, you can imagine yourself as drowning. Before you went into the water, this was your reality, the world around. Then, as you sank to the bottom, the reality above dissipated, and the realty now is that you are covered in water. Reality changed. This is the same truth that lies in the ego and the remembrance of the soul. Once the body, the physical body that is made up of dust of the Earth and dust of ancient stars, the spirit enters that body, then the ego. As you grow and become older, it becomes stronger than the spirit within, unless you fight away the ego. This is for your protection. The ego is what lets you learn and make mistakes upon Earth, that you exercise your emotion that is anger, love, lust, hatred even. Because if you did not know any of these emotions, then how would you progress, and how would your spirit grow and overcome?

It is here that He sends out three great golden rays that go to the brain of man, and it is to help the brain free itself of * pre-ideas that have no truth or no bearing, but they are brought forth only by the ego. The first golden ray is to clear that from the brain. The second golden ray goes directly to the heart. Here it is to wipe away prejudice from the heart, prejudice towards all humanity and prejudice towards self. It is to let the heart become wide open to receive love from the Creator, and to love from other cultures, and to give love to others. The third golden ray enters into the solar plexus, which is the life force of the body. Here, it is the golden ray completely renews the life force of the body, so as to keep the lower trinity, which is mind, emotion and physical body, in a state of complete rejuvenation. These are the three great golden rays that come directly from the Sacred Heart of the Universe, and is sent continuously every second of every day to the human body on Earth.

But, that is not to say you are not to think individually for self, for it would be rather foolish to assume that thy neighbor is going to make every decision for you, and you will be making decisions for thy neighbor, that is not what is meant. But, as a whole, when it comes to the part of humanity, the heart must be in unification with the love for each other, the love for the universe, and love for the Divine Creator. And then the individual thoughts will take care of themselves. The individual thoughts then will be exhumed and given out by the ego, as to how much self wants to accomplish on a certain part of the path, and where that path would change, wanting to accomplish more over here, and so on. That is where the ego comes into play. It is helping the Earth and you to come together in a balance that will promote the spirit, and once the spirit knows this and can become more promoted, for the spirit is going to seed to that soul, ah, there is thy seed, you see. Thee will know when to lie down the ego and follow the spirit. Thee will know when to listen to the ego and when not to listen to the ego. Thee will know when to contact thy guardian angels. Thee will know when to take the advice and counsel of thy spiritual mother and father. And thee will know when to put all of this into application. It is rather more like listening to the breeze that blows through the trees, and to listen to the hoot of an owl, to listen to the howling of the wolf, for all of these are signs, you see, signs of nature given forth as road signs or road maps upon the Earth, only coming from another source of living frequencies. And yet everything upon the Earth is one nature. It is simply divided into different transactions or trans-levels.

As it is the spirit within you that is the perfect tide, not the ego, then know that the soul never makes a mistake, and the soul and the spirit are in constant harmony. It is just that sometimes the ego will get in the way, and self will loose track of what the spirit is actually trying to accomplish.

When you recognize that there is a spark within you that wants to explode and give out of yourself your own creation, it is then that you begin to feel the excitement that the Earth vibrations can hand you. For if you will let that higher consciousness filter down and bring with it sometimes memory of prior lives, or sometimes remembrance of being in the heaven worlds, then you can apply that to your everyday thinking mind, that third level of the aura, and bring forth a unique wonderful creation. For it is you expressing self. And this can be done when that ego is laid down, and you are working for the love of the work, and not for what you will gain.

Take a moment and look at what each individual is capable of doing. Each of you has the power to become a co-creator with the God/Goddess Creator, because all of the gifts are there the seven gifts of creativity; the seven gifts of the planets working in harmony to help you better yourself and to overcome any negativity that you have brought from previous lives; the seven wonders of the aura itself to help keep your body balanced; the entire lower trinity balanced, so as this will open the stream of consciousness that comes down directly and enters into the brain and enables you to write the book, to write the music, to sing, to dance, to be the attorney, to be the doctor, to be the natural healer. It all lies within your grasp as long as you can control the ego and say to the ego when it gets bigger then you are, Go away and let me listen to the spirit. And the moment you can say these words is the very moment you can feel within yourself the spirit becoming greater, larger than life, enabling you to bring forth miracles.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.