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Laws of The Lower Trinity

There are also laws that apply to the lower trinity of Earth, to the lower trinity of the body. And the first of these laws is, surround thyself in harmony. And if it is only one room, but take one hour, choose the colors in that room that are of the tranquility to the self. Spend an hour in that room enjoying those tranquil colors, reading the books that bring thee pleasure, listening to the higher harmonies. Take a walk and do whatever pleases thee, for at least one hour. Surround thyself in harmony.

And the second law is remain pure in spirit. Now obviously that is an impossibility upon Earth, but it is the idea to try. And the more you try, the closer you shall become, and therefore that will become an ending to external anger, external judgment, external hatred toward others, for self is too * worthy practicing being pure in spirit.

The third law is the same as the divine law. Take the now moment and use it to send harmony to others, harmony to self. For the now moment always becomes the now moment in thy future. This is the law that will enable you to change the future, that will enable you to forgive others for whatever they have done unto you, whether it be in a prior life or in a lifetime today. And the same for self. You will be able to forgive for what you have done to others and to self in this lifetime. And then that now moment enables you to begin a new path with new events, new happenings that brings in and lets in more of the natural divine wisdom, divine love and divine power. And it is these three forces that open up and create that divine triad that will enable every cell in the physical body to come awake and to begin its natural state if healing. For although the body was built of dust of ancient stars and dust of the Earth, nevertheless it was built to last a lifetime.

When the cells in the body become wide open and are nurtured by this one law, then it is here that all healing begins. Here there is full acceptance of why self has come into a disease, and why self must seek the power of God to bring healing to self, and show understanding that God is not to be blamed, thy mother is not to be blamed, thy sister is not to be blamed, not even self is to be blamed. But it is only self that can open these doors to bring forth healing and acceptance of the disease, for then it is that true healing takes place. Accepting the disease enables the God/Goddess Consciousness to then come into the aura and begin to work miracles, opening the cells in the body so as they can ward off further disease and begin to heal what is already there.

The ideal, you see, is to keep the lower trinity that controls the emotional and physical body working in perfect harmony as one, for it is this lower body on Earth that is the final outpouring of the soul. And it is the soul that is attempting to balance these two evolutions and involutions to reach its final resting place in that perfect body, in that perfect soul, that part of itself, that never descended and will never descend.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.