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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century


We are going to begin meditations here, teaching thee the meditations that will let thee enter and leave different chakras so that thee can accomplish in whatever level that is a pleasing to thee, you see. There have been many that have asked into the correct and proper means of obtaining their own spiritual guidance or speaking to their own spiritual angels, you see.

So for thee to accomplish this, see that of the chakra that is of the throat. Now begin slowly to see this in its beauty. Look upon it as the lotus blossom. Even though the lotus blossom is open, we want to open it even wider, you see, even wider for that of the imagery of self to be able to enter through this lotus blossom, and so we shall begin. Think only about thy eyelids, concentrate upon the eyelids. Feel how relaxed, how so very relaxed the eyelids have become. Then close thy eyes and feel this relaxation moving down into thy face and into the throat, down to the chest and the arms and the spine, this moving down to the stomach, the legs, thy feet, they are so relaxed, so relaxed.

And from that of the crown of thy head there is entering into the body that of the great white light of protection, and as it comes down it fills the mind. This is even more relaxing, more relaxing. And as it moves down behind the face and the throat, moves rapidly down the chest, the arms, the hands and it is giving protection and relaxing, relaxing every part of the body. It moves down through the stomach, down the spine, down over the hips, down the legs and out the feet and thee is now in a state of protection given by the Divine Force, and it feels good, so good to be relaxed with no worries, having filled thyself with Divine Protection, Divine Force.

And thee is so relaxed that thy inner imagery begins to open, and thee sees the lotus blossom and it is the fifth blossom around the body. Begin to see the petals open, and open and open, and the more wide the petals become the more beauty thee can see laying within the petals. This is thy opening. This is thy opening into the higher mind or mental consciousness of self. Step into this opening. Thee need not be shy. Open thy inner eye and look around. Thee need not be afraid for thee is only in thy fifth luminous level of thy own electrical body. And as thee looks around, thee sees the picture or the image of this blueprint, that is perfect. It is perfection that is thy own body, and as thee stands here for a moment, thee will begin to hear firstly, hear the rustlings of thy divine guardian angels for they have become aware of thy presence. They have become aware that thee would wish to speak to them, and simply stand here for a moment, relax and listen to their movements, listen to the sounds of higher harmony, listen. These sounds of harmony are peaceful. They are calming, for thee is in the presence of angels. Now open thy eyes, see thy guardian angels. They will probably appear to thee to be light structures or frequencies of light. Take a moment to let thy eyes fill with the presence of these guardian beings. Now speak. Ask the guardian angels their names and be willing to listen. Whatsoever thee would want to ask thy angels ask them now and listen. Their answers may firstly come to thee in thought form. Thee may hear the answers with thy inner ear, but this does not matter, for thee is communicating with the angels. After thee has completed this communication, thank thy spiritual protectors and send them love and then simply wait, wait while they send to thee love.

Now, come back to the opening of thy lotus blossom and step beck through it, and then turn around and look. Take a moment to gently see the lotus blossom closing, closing until thee feels them to be comfortable and it is for thee to judge this. Now that thee has done this, take a deep breath and feel thyself beginning to awaken, and tell thyself that thee will remember what the angels have spoken to thee about, that thee will remember the love and the warmth these angels have given to thee. Take another deep breath, begin to come up, another deep breath coming higher still, and then count for thy self from three to one - three, two, one - coming wide awake, mentally alert, feeling as if thee has had a short refreshing nap, you see.

Now this same exercise can be applied to any of the openings, any of the openings if thee would desire to open that portion of thy own psyche or own soul knowledge. Take that of thy sixth opening you see, and see the lotus blossom petals opening in the same manner, concentrating upon the eyelids, letting them feel very relaxed, very relaxed. Feel this relaxation move down through the body and then always bring in through the seventh opening, or the seventh chakra, that of the white Divine Light and let it fill thy mind, moving within the internal body, down through the face, thy neck you see, filling the entire body and then letting it run out the openings in the bottoms of thy feet. For this is thy Divine Protection and thee is safe in this Divine Protection from anything as thee would go through this meditation. Take the seven deep breaths, see the lotus pedal opening, opening, opening. And at the seventh breath, step into this opening. Know now that thee is in the presence of Divine Wisdom, thee is in the presence of Divine Love. Stand here for a moment and simply feel, feel, and when thee would feel the warmness of Divine Love and Divine Protection, Divine Wisdom filling thee, take a moment to bask in this. Simply bask in this and then whatever question that thee has brought with thee to this level, say it and then simply stand here for a moment and use thy senses. Again, the answer may come to thee through thy hearing. It may come to thee through thy seeing. It may even come to thee through taste. It is for thee to know that this cannot be forced, that rather it must be approached with gentleness, understanding and the intent that all knowledge given would be used for the good of all concerned.

That thee would be having any difficulty in identifying what is the reason or the cause that self is experiencing so much difficulty upon the Earth, open that of the base chakra and while thee is within this chakra take a moment to feel and to listen to the sounds of thy physical body. And as thee would stand here and listen as the great Archangel Saint Samael would give thee some guidance into knowledge of thy own body and would provide thee with a bit of the answers of how thee can bring about a lessening of thy own difficulties upon Earth.

When thee would be in that of thy fifth opening where there is that of the guidance given by Saint Michael that thee would so desire, ask this one to let thy spiritual insights and flashings and lightning knowledge become a thing that is of an everyday occurrence for thee, so as to strengthen thy own communication systems. Where one system is strengthened all systems will respond.

And thee would do this for thy heart opening, open thy lotus blossom as been given and step into this level of consciousness, and if thee will take a moment to look around thee will see the great Archangel Anael . And they will see that of the beautiful rose that represents the love for humanity, and know that thy own heart is filled with love. Know that thy own heart can contribute to the peace of the Earth, for if one heart will but open, then thee will see many other hearts around thee opening, you see. For when thee works in this level of consciousness, thee is sending love, activating the sacred heart and many hear of thee astral thoughts go into the collective unconscious and then it is pulled down for those that have opened their hearts in other areas of the Earth to receive and to give peace, tranquility and harmony.

We send to each peace and light. We send to thee the recognition that each of thee would recognize the greatness of thy own luminous body. That it is a medium between thy final outpouring of self or thy lower self upon the Earth, and that of the Divine Self. And thee will find as thee begins to understand and to practice the entering and the leaving of these seven great chakras, knowing the seven great Archangels, that then it will be easy for thee to begin to enter and to see that of the Divine Self.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.