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   St. Titus of Crete

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   St. Titus 1st Century

Acknowledgement Of Perfection I

We are here this evening to impart whatever pearls of wisdom that are at our disposal.

My name is Titus. I am the Titus that was birthed in that of ancient Crete and did much work with the messenger that was called St. Paul. The Small One here in front of thee was also present in that life and yet it has taken me 5,000 years to bring this one to the point that she was willing, you see, able to continue with this type work. This was a soul agreement between The Small One and myself.

We’re going to begin here by firstly giving thee some knowledge about the origin of the Soul and then we are going to give thee information of how to acknowledge thyself. For we tell thee that there was not one soul created to experience anguish, sorrow. Every soul was created to enjoy to be. There is not one soul greater or lesser than another. That is why we tell every individual that comes before us, “Love thyself, love thyself.” If there is no other message retained here this evening, put this into daily application every day, “love thyself”, for thy soul is filled with worth, honor and love you see.

In that of the beginning, there was only pure sublime Divine Spirit. Now spirit in its divinity, it is both atomic; it is non- atomic. It is diffusive and yet it remains in repose. The purity of the Divine Spirit is absolute. It contains within itself in such a state of perfection, that of masculine/feminine, both awake and reposing, all that is of great good and all that is of great evil. When the pure Divine Sublime Spirit took the first unconscious breath, it created…………created. It created that that is called the perfect triune. One side of the triune is Chokhmah, or wisdom; that portion of the triune is Kether or divine force; and the other side is the Binah, or love. Now from this there came into being a divine universe and the Perfect Sublime Spirit is the center of the divine universe. It is the vortex, the vortice, the center. And then the soul came into creation by the same unconscious breath and its purity. The soul is both atomic, therefore, it is diffusive. But there was a portion of time when each individual ray, each individual spark of the soul, remained in what was called the Golden Age or Golden Race, and here the soul knew only perfection, bliss, harmony. And then the soul dropped down a bit, entered into what was called the Silver Race or Silver Age of the soul, and here it was thy soul took upon itself mental consciousness recognizing its masculinity, recognizing its femininity, and it was from this point the soul became so atomic that it could split a bit you see. It was diffusive.

So within each of thee, there is only one component of thy soul that did descend to Earth. The other portion has remained in that of divine bliss, spirit, harmony; has never descended and it will never descend, you see. It is simply that once thee entered into the Earth energies, thee brought about between that a portion of soul and that of thy lower trinity - mind, emotions and physical - somewhat that that is called a separation. It is the physical journeys that give thee experience, that lets thee balance you see, any results thee may have created. It is from these results that thee has taken knowledge from lifetimes before and has begun to put it into application on this lifetime. If this were not so, then thee would not be here tonight.

Each journey lets the physical body begin to do a bit of ascension, as does the emotional body and the mental body. It will not be thee is not in that of the fifth race or fifth age of the soul. Thee is at the end of this race. Thee will find many that are of the sixth being born coming in you see. At this time there are no new souls, all ancient souls. These peoples that will be coming into the sixth race, it will be much more easier you see, to see spiritual awareness about that of the Earth, and when this race is over, thee will see the beginning of the seventh race of the soul. It is in this time, thee will have to clean up thy thoughts, for thee will be able to use what is called telepathy, communications of mind. You will be able to lift thyself and move easily from one portion of the county to another portion, and this is the age when that of humanity will perfect itself upon Earth. And then the ascension will become complete

Thee will ascend again up through four astral realms, subdivision, through all seven major planets, up through seven heaven worlds and here thee will connect again with that portion of soul which has never descended. And in this portion when this connection has become complete, there is self, divine love, divine harmony and total bliss. Thee will never want to enter from this blissful state ever again, you see. It is then, and only then, that the Earth will no longer be required; it will no longer be a necessity, and it is this time and not before, that that of the Earth will pass into total disintegration you see.

Now we have begun speaking of the origin of the soul so that each of thee will understand that while upon that of the Earth journeys, any anguish, any sorrow, any difficulty thee has asked, thee has created for self or from that of the God/Goddess consciousness or Pure Divine Sublime Spirit. There is no judgment. Many people that we see believe, that there is this God sitting in somewhat a high throne you see, and they look at the God/Goddess Consciousness as being external and sitting on a high throne, even complete with notebook you see, “Ah, this one down here - look what this one did!”; “Look how good this one is”, you see. This is not a truth. The pure Divine Spirit sends only to each of thee pure divine love. It is thy own realm that can seek abundance, can continually work towards the idea of purity, and therefore achieve.

Look at the physical body for what it is. It is made up of dust; dust of Earth and dust of ancient stars, and therein lies its mortality. But the divine light that shines in each of thee, this is thy promise of immortality. Now see that in that of Earth’s energies, it is expected, it is known that thee will experience Earth’s energies, for this is in keeping with thy learning , keeping with thy education. But yet of the higher spiritual realms of self, continuously learn also.

See that that of thy physical body is made up of a lower trinity, emotional body, mental body and physical. If thee did not have a working mind, then thee would not be able to walk about the Earth and make decisions. If thee did not have an emotional, body thee would be much like a robot. Thy soul would learn nothing. It is the idea to always balance that of the Earth’s energies, for the Earth is thy home at this time. Yet do not deny the higher bodies of self.

That that is called the electrical body that surrounds the physical body, this is a raiment. It is a very high frequency and it is the go-between, between thy physical body, the lower trinity and between that of soul. With the divine self slightly above, you see, see that worry, anxiety, anxiousness, blame, greed, lust, hatred, these are Earth’s energies, and it is only humanity that has perpetuated this upon humanity. Every self chose to experience these emotions. Therefore, it is thy responsibility of every self, to begin to rid thyself of these emotions.

And that of the soul, always with spirit it is a duality, it is the spirit that lies within thee, not the soul. At thy moment of physical death, the spirit leaves the body and the spirit gives expression to the soul, this is how the soul learns. Thee is fed continuously. From the very time thy soul came into creation, thee has been feed seven great emanations. These emanations are love, force, wisdom, kindness, splendor, beauty and glory, leadership and foundation. As thy soul descended, it spent a portion of time on each major planet. Whatever it was the soul needed to experience, it would awaken. If there was nothing on a planet for a soul to learn, it would remain asleep you see. And this is how it descended into that of thy Earth.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.