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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century

Acknowledgement of Perfection II

Over and above all of this - over and above that that is the seven electrical bodies that surround thee - that is thy raiment. There are three divine triune of rays that emanate, both while thee is asleep and while thee is awake, from the origin of the divine triune. The first golden ray enters and directly feeds the brain. This is simply so that thee can utilize thy intellect with divine intellect, thy reason with divine reason, discrimination with divine discrimination.

The second great ray feeds into that of the heart, for here it opens thy heart to all love, all understanding, all growth and knowledge of humanity. And yet we see many that will give to humanity, yet they fail to give to self.

The third great ray feeds directly into the solar plexus, and this is always to help keep balance in that of divine energy and Earth energy. And yet this divine third ray as it enters into the solar plexus continuously feeds the stomach. Without the stomach, the physical body cannot remain alive you see.

We have at thy command, at any moment thee would choose to reach above self and simply say, “I accept, I accept all that is due me because I am deserving. I am a soul created by pure divine spirit.” Thee need not reach out and embrace sorrow, anguish, little in life. It is always self that chooses, you see.

See that that of thy spirit that is in thy physical body, this is thy source, this is thy path to receiving from divine self the very rich oils of grace. The soul above feeds down to the divine self you see. And the soul receives continuously, spark, light from one pure divine being, one divine spirit. The soul reaches in its frequencies and its color and it absorbs all the great rays from the pure divine spirit. This is fed down to divine self where it becomes rich oils of grace. These same oils of grace feed into the lower trinity, emotional, mental and physical.

So we ask thee, why would thee for one second choose to create around self all that would give thee difficulties upon Earth, when there is not one second upon this Earth’s journey that thee is ever alone. There is no reason to feel alone. Thy own frequencies within, when they are activated, will let the internal myriads of spiritual atoms rise higher and higher and higher, and then it is these frequencies that draw others to thee, you see, others that are same likeness, same compatibility.

I see that those walking around always looking downward looking always at the Earth and never recognizing the greatness, the effervescent body even that goes around thy soul. It is these people that sometimes wallow in that of self pity, aloneness, but in reality, thee is filled with light. Thee is a light being within and the raiment that goes around thy body is a go-between, between self and soul. See that as thy soul did descend, the soul itself has taken upon itself the responsibility to begin to ascend even in this journey.

Now this is not today that thee is suddenly going to reach into higher dimensions of self and simply disappear, for this is not correct. It is to self to ensure to send forth love, empathy for thy fellow being; for everybody, everybody, has a soul. Send forth love, send forth empathy, but do not give thyself away, for this would accomplish nothing. See that whenever thee looks about self with delight, and thee smiles at a stranger, thee does not know what thy smile has given thy stranger. When thee looks about and even says ‘hello’, and when thee looks about and sees one sitting on the sidewalk that has not that of a farthing in pocket, matter not, this is a soul. To give only a nickel, to give only a dime, to give fifty cents you see, then thee has done a great thing for thyself and thee has done an even greater thing for someone else.

This is in keeping with that that is called the Teachings of the Master, the teachings of Jesus, the man, you see. What would thy faith be today if this one had turned away all peoples. This one did not care whether there was that of sores on thy physical body or that another’s hair was a bit dirty; it mattered not, he gave of self. This is simply an example you see, and yet within this one, that of the man Jesus, this one manifested through physical body knowing that he was an activation of divine force. That is why this one was one of the greater prophets, the greater psychics even if you will. For this one activated divine force every second.

Mohammed did this also, as did many great prophets. It is only that that of the one called Jesus, the Crucifixion was so spectacular, you see. It was a full awakening to awaken the minds of those upon the Earth. This is not to mean that everyone in this Earth should be what is called the Christian, this is not what we mean. But to activate divine self, divine force in self, is for thee to be like Mohammed, to be like the man Jesus, for thee has given full activation to divine force, divine wisdom, divine love. This is perfection.

While the Earth is thy home, take the delight and walk it across the green grass. Take delight in feeling that of thy breeze upon thy face. Take delight seeing that of the great waters of the ocean, and the beauty of the heavens. Take delight in all of this, it is thy gift. The Earth became a cushion for thee so that the soul would descend no lower.

Look at the mind and look at the mind for what it is. The mind is a nothing in reality. It depends solely upon the lower seven senses for its support, taste, feel, touch, hear , intuition, transpersonal, and is somewhat a sounding board for the brain; this is a truth. We find it always amusing when we hear someone say, “Ah, doesn’t that one have a bright mind!” We ask thee how can a mind be bright when it depends upon the lower seven senses of the physical for support. When thee sees one that has the brilliant gold around them, then thee is simply seeing one that has chosen to follow and listen to the path behind the mind, to follow the power behind the mind. For in this power behind the mind there is five great faculties, intellect, reason, discrimination, perception and will.

Thee has been given the greatest gift, divine love, divine will. It is always to self to choose to put into application whatever choices thee so make. This is utilizing will. It is the same will within that lets thee choose divine discrimination, whereby thee would not be in constant association with those that would pull thee down. To rather that thee would send these people love and empathy and yet go about thy own business.

There are those of lower frequency than thee. If this were not true, we would not say this. And as just as self, these people also must choose to activate the divine spark within themselves. Otherwise the soul will continue to sink lower and lower, you see. And no matter how dark the soul is, as long as there is one flicker of light, then that of the Divine Sublime Spirit is always there. It is only when the soul has gone completely dark, that thee will find that these souls eventually will retard to what is called the Dark Satellite. It is these souls through their own laziness, through their own degree of evil; these are the ones you see that would look for attachment to a walking body that has that of live energy. This cannot occur when thy own will within is activated, keeping thy eye lifted upward, keeping that of thy will intent upon utilizing and putting into application abilities, talents and love within self. Then it becomes an impossibility for anything of such a nature to occur, you see.

While in the physical body take delight of the Earth, and yet take delight in divine self. And accept the rich living oils of grace, for this feeds to the soul, and the soul is fed by Pure Divine Spirit. And that of pure divine, it is En Sof. En Sof, this is simply an ancient word that means unlimited, endless, forever, eternal, however thee would understand this. It is the divine spirit, as it is in the center of the divine universe, that can both manifest, and yet in the divine universe there are events happening that as of yet are not manifested, that is why upon occasion we are asked a certain question and we must say, “Of this we have no knowledge”, for the divine spirit has not yet manifested, you see. Let the Earth body fill with glory, fill with love, for this will bring up the raiment around thee and this will encourage divine self. Choose to accept for self all that is of great abundance, for thee is deserving. Choose to accept divine love for it is given freely. And choose to accept being, simply being.

We are going to begin a meditation so that thee can recognize freely within self all that is available to thee simply in acceptance, simply by accepting. Now take a moment and concentrate upon thy eyelids. Close thy eyes and feel how relaxed, how so relaxed the eyelids. Now open thy eyes. See how heavy the eyelids have become. Feel this same relaxation in that of thy upper chest thy shoulders. Feel it move down the arm, and it feels good to be relaxed. Let it flow on down through the back, through the stomach, down through the lower legs.

Now even thy feet are relaxed. Now remember that thee is in control. My voice is only to lead thee, but thee is in control. Now take a moment, see that of the pure divine light or the radiance given forth by divine spirit, and see this pure white radiance entering into the brain through the top of thy head, you see. And let it fill thy mind, the mind is very relaxed. Behind the face there is total relaxation. Down through the body the white light is moving very rapidly, and as it moves down through the body it is cleansing, cleansing all disease from the body. Is moving downward, downward, and then see it exit thy feet and enter into the Earth. Now thy relaxation is complete.

Now begin to let thy mental mind take a walk. See thyself walking through that of a forest that is a perfect dream. If you look to your right, you will see a small babbling creek. Within that of the waters of the creek, there is that of God Consciousness.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.