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   St. Titus of Crete

   Holy Apostle Titus

   St. Titus 1st Century

Acknowledgement of Perfection III

Within that of the very forest - the peaceful tranquil forest - there is that of the peace, harmony of God Consciousness. Continue with thy walk, letting self feel. Feel the tranquility and the power of pure Divine God/Goddess peace.

Look straight ahead and here stands a mountain, and look at the beauty of this mountain. Look up, look up and see the very peak of the mountain. Look at that. Now taking a deep breath, inhale through the nostrils and count to three and then exhale. Feel thyself lifting. A second breath and through the nostrils, count to three and exhale. Feel thyself lifting. Take thy third deep breath from deep in the abdomen. Hold it to the count of three and then release. At thy fourth breath, feel thyself lifting and take a moment to look down at self, for thee has now transcended the physical body.

Look down at thy body below thee. Whatever thee sees wrong in the physical body, look, identify whatever is wrong in the physical body and send to the physical body whatever color that thee feels will correct - whatever color. And we will quieten our voice while thee will do this. Look at the mental consciousness. It is now quiet, it has no worries, it has released. Therefore, the emotional body is quiet, is calm, it is tranquil.

Now take another deep breath from the abdomen and hold it to the count of three and lift. Now here take a moment to decide, for thee is in the higher consciousness of mind, of self, higher mind. Take a moment to decide whatever it is that thee desires. Do not be hesitant to ask for riches. Do not be hesitant to ask for perfect health. State thy needs, thy wants, thy desires, and I will guieten until thee would do so.

Now take a deep breath, hold it to the count of three and lift higher. And now this is in the presence, the raiment around self is in the presence of pure divine love. Feel this pure divine love, feel the warmth in thy solar plexus. Feel the warmth of this love in thy heart. Let the warmth of this love fill thy mind, for here when that of thy raiment around self is filled with pure love, there is no room for fear, no room for doubt.

Now take thy seventh deep breath and step to the top of the peak of this mountain. See thyself standing on that that is of pure marble. Raise thy arms above thy head and activate the Divine Force that will give to thee, will meet all thy needs upon Earth. State clearly that thee is willing, willing to accept abundance, thee is willing to accept happiness, contentment, and thee is willing to accept a body that is free of all disease. Do not put limits on self. Simply say, “I accept all abundance, all perfection in health, my needs will be met, I have no worry.”

Now lower thy arms back to thy side, and take a moment to send out one prayer. Ask that all humanity be blissful. Send this prayer or this divine thought to all four corners of the Earth. See it going to the North, to the South, to the East, to the West.

Now when thee has completed this, simply step back. Take that of seven deep breaths and feel thyself coming back down until thee once again is in thy physical body, mental body, and emotional body. You see that what thee has brought down with thee is activation of Divine Force that has now recognized what it is that is of importance to thee. Take that of a count of three, two, one, and wake up, wake up.

Now what thee has just accomplished is, thee has now put into application every day, a divine immutable law that cannot be broken, will not be broken, and this is as it is above so it is below, as it is below so it is above. And this simply means that whatsoever thee creates on Earth with thy Earthly mind, thee believes this to be a reality you see, for thee can touch the body, for thee can touch the trunk of the tree, thee can touch the walls of thy abode, but yet whatsoever thee creates upon Earth, make no mistake, it is seen in higher, lighter etheric images into that of spirit.

Always, always, just as the body is mortal, these Earthly realities, these Earthly creations, they will pass away. But for thee to build firstly in higher spiritual realms using the higher consciousness of self, it must come to thee on Earth. It can go to no other, for thee has built a reality now in that of Kether forces. Kether, this is an active force given forth by the Sublime Being. When thee has created realities in this portion of the spirit, now simply accept it and it will come to thee on Earth. It can go to no other. If thee would be desirous of that of a brand new home you see, do not be wishy-washy about it. Create an image of what thee desires, of what thee wants in this building. Take the time to let thyself lift up and build it firstly on higher spiritual realms and then it must come to thee on Earth.

This is in keeping with pure divine immutable laws. Laws that are created by humanity, they are changed so easily by the whim of society, by the whim of government even. The divine laws, they are pillars of truth, pillars of wisdom even, they will stand, they cannot be broken.

See that thee is not just a body that dropped and decided to walk about the Earth. Firstly there was the creation of thy soul, and this is always fed by pure Divine Spirit, always. This in turn feeds to the divine self, which is rich in grace, and if thee will but accept throughout a journey this will feed thee. Whether thee is in physical body or thee is in spiritual body, it matters not, for always, always, that of thy spirit that gives expression to the soul is always learning, always learning. The learning will continue until the portion of self that is upon Earth passes back up to all the realms as indicated and will join with itself in pure divine bliss. Knowing this, why would thee for one minute choose to harbor thoughts that would give thee depression, to harbor resentment toward another, to harbor bitterness or anger, this only will hold the spirit back you see. Give thyself full freedom, and to give thyself full freedom put the divine immutable law into application every day, love thyself.

Regardless of what path, what journey that thee has chosen to experience, experience this path with joy, experience it with faith, and see always that there is internal within self and within spirit that which is hope. Give to thyself all of these rich fruits. And we tell thee that thee will not go wrong. Thee will free self from loneliness, bitterness, anger and thee will take delight in being. Regardless of thy circumstances, regardless, take delight in being.

We will take that of five questions, no more than five questions, but the questions will not be that of any personal nature you see, but knowledge that is of the universe or questions concerning any portions of something that was not understood here.

Q: With respect to the abundance meditation, Titus, is it acceptable or viable to use the meditation daily and if it is done daily, should one focus on the same thing or change the request?

A: Titus: Never change thy focus. If thee changes thy focus day by day you see, then thee is creating limits for self. In other words, thee is building a block around what thee has already asked, and thee is giving a limit to self. Always stand high upon that of thy mountain peak and simply say, “I accept all abundance”. This includes it all you see, includes health for the body, riches at thy feet, it opens that of thy own doors within that thee is so filled with love, so filled with abundance that thee is willing to do a bit extra you see, for that of thy fellow humanity. To change thy needs and thy wants every day is to somewhat set limits and also to show the selfishness of self.

Q: In the sixth and seventh race in our time of that, are we going to come back for each of these times?

A: Titus: Some souls will choose to do so and some souls will perfect themselves in various other journeys and then would not need to return you see, but thee will find that at this time there are no new souls entering. Everyone is a very ancient soul. For thee has each brought wisdom, wisdom that lays with innate consciousness. And thee knows that even as I speak, that this is a truth for thee you see. Those that choose to return to experience more fully that of the sixth race or sixth age of the soul, it will be these that will become great teachers, leaders that will see somewhat that of the crumbling of many different governments where they will no longer be required you see. And as that of the seventh race comes in, there will be many souls that will choose to return, will be the very great forerunners of utilizing all that is of kinetic ability whereby thee can move the stone then, just as the stones were levitated in the building of the pyramids. Those that do not choose to return will remain upon the sixth heaven world and here they will work with souls that have passed and are now in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, heaven worlds, you see. It will depend solely upon thy soul’s decision at that time.

Q: Is there life on other universes?

A: Titus: When that of thy pure Divine Spirit created the pure divine universe, see that the pure divine universe, it has no beginning, it has no end, it is continuous, it is En Sop. And from the very center or vortex of the divine universe, there is sent forth that of active rays of thought that have created many other smaller universes of which thee is one you see, upon the universe today as thee knows it. Indeed there are other universes. These other universes indeed have life upon them, but they are not so much life as thee would know it today. Many of these universes contain forms or images that are not like thy own physical body, and it is these that are very highly developed in that of technology, but yet they are very low in that of spiritual awareness. One Creator created all life, all souls, and that of the Earth is one of the more advanced in that of spiritual awareness, for the Earth and the universe that surrounds itself came into being firstly, and that has been stated; came into being as somewhat of a cushion you see, so that the soul could descend no further. Instead the Earth was a cushion to hold the soul. There are life in that of other universes, and we always make every admonition that in some of the universes indeed the technology is high that they can enter into that of the Earth energies, but we would not make any recommendation that we would invite them to do so. Also, see we do not like to call others upon other universes aliens. This is not acceptable to us. Rather, instead we call them Enochs, or initiators. See that the energies, there is that of Earth energy, there is that of energy of other universes, so those that would tell thee that there is a walk-in or that there is that of inference in the raiment around the body, this is not a truth. The energy is so incompatible that their very interest into attempting to get into that of the raiment of the aura, it would be to much, too much frazzle you see, burn out, burn out. Nevertheless, it is always of goodness to keep activated that of divine will. Now we tell thee that there is not one Enoch, not one Enoch from any universe that will enter into that of thy Earth and do thy work for thee. Thee chose Earth, therefore thee chose the responsibility of life upon Earth, and thee must achieve thy own perfection. There is not one, any Enoch, that can enter, that can enter into the Earth and do thy work for thee. Thee is responsible for Earth, for the Earth is thy home. There are three principalities in that of thy universe, and the first principality is that of Humankind, and the second principality is that of Earth, the third principality is that of Universe. Now each of these lower three must depend one upon the other you see. That of thy people depends upon the Earth for support. Universe depends upon both the Earth and the people, and yet we see this has been flagrantly disregarded. There are portions of the Earth that have been used over and over and over so that the soil is becoming depleted. The universe has been somewhat filled of that of poisonous gas. This is a cause, this is a cause for many peoples today that experience that of cancer, for the body is made from dust of the Earth, and therefore the dust of the Earth must be kept more pure so that all vegetables, all fruit will contain high amounts of selenium you see. And when the soil is depleted of this, it matters not how pretty the vegetable is, it will do the body no good. These lower three, one depends upon the other, and all three depends upon the fourth. And yet the fourth principality depends upon nothing, no one, for it is Divine, you see.

Indeed we must have been filled with clarity tonight, so at this time we will take our departure, and indeed we remind each of thee that that of the Divine Sublime Spirit sends thee only love, only love. There is no image of a person that looks to be God that sits in a chair outside of thee, you see, writing down the mistakes and writing down thy goodness. This is not a truth. Thy spirit is a single radiant ray, radiant light, that is individual, and it is heart and pure Divine Spirit. And with the gift of free will it is always to self to choose to activate, to activate great goodness or to activate negativity. For when thee activates the will in self, then thee is giving full activity to the will that lies within Divine Sublime Being. See that that of a God does not live outside of self.

That of the God/Goddess Consciousness lives within each and every one of thee. Love thyself. Love thyself. Exalt thyself, it is thy inheritance. And just as nature responds only to pure Divine Spirit, thee responds also to pure Divine Spirit, but thee has been given an added gift, the gift of creativity and the gift of potentiality. Love thyself. Be kind to thyself. Exalt thyself and thee will achieve thy potentiality.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.

We send each of thee Peace and Light. That is all.