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   St. Titus 1st Century

The Dark Satellite

In the fifth race of the soul, and we have passed through that, for that was the age of the wars, World War I, World War II, all of the wars going all the way back to the War of 1812, etc. And from those wars, there came a bit of higher mentality in people’s thinking that they wanted to clear away war and begin to come into a world peace, so there had been put more effort forth building of world peace – different cultures accepting other cultures. The thing here that has gone into a state of unbalance is that so many of the mothers work today, and the fathers work, and the children are left alone. They grow up without discipline and this also affects the status of the husband and the wife, and the mother, the father and then the children themselves, for they do not feel the security that is necessary in a home.

Now if the positive energy grows and rises, also that of the dark energy grows and rises. Right now as you can see for yourself that the darker forces are coming awake again, for now the children are killing each other. Now the children are running away from home. Now the children are not applying themselves to logic, to reasoning, and the development of their own self love. So that is a negative force that is feeding, because of the times that the soul is in.

The time that the soul is in right now, as indicated, is that sixth race of the soul. So, therefore, much awakening has come about, awakening that we need to care for the Earth, we need to care for each other. We need to spread and talk about divine love and give away as much as possible while loving self. Until we bring a balance which we want this book to help do – bring a balance to awaken people to the fact that there is evil. It does exist and it is starting to raise its ugly head again.

In that of the God Goddess Consciousness, there is all that ever was, all that ever will be, and all that is, and containing the whole of everything, then it surly must be stated that the opposite of good is evil.

Now, when this soul went through the Silver Race, it took upon itself atomic energy. It became diffusive. There was an argument between one of the angels and the Divine Spirit. And there was a jealousy developed by this Archangel, and he was known as Lucifer. Now, as he descended from the heavens, he made the choice that he was going to create his own world, and the souls that wanted to break away could live with him, and he created what is known as the Dark Satellite. So, souls that are born even today sometimes chose rather than to follow the divine and be accepting of the divine love, they choose to follow the chaos and the evil that Lucifer perpetuates upon the world. And he perpetuates evil not only upon the Earth, but also in other galaxies, just as the divine principle is in other galaxies.

He was closest to the Earth during the time of Hitler, for there he had a man whose mind was of such brilliance that that brilliance could not be directed, and he forgot to seek the power behind the mind to help himself overcome the darkness that was within him. He was a pure spirit filled with absolute greed, absolute malice, absolute hatred, and to also add to the difficulty he had a disease known as syphilis. So at his death, he chose to go to the Dark Satellite and to become a part of Lucifer’s world. So, while he was alive and upon the Earth, look at the cruelty that he perpetuated on humanity. And this was the time when those dark angels were released to help feed and change and bring about atrocities that were done to humanity through the actions of one man. One man who had so much control over hatred, lust, greed and avarice, that he could release followers of himself that would murder masses of people. These masses of people that had been murdered are now beginning to come back into the Earth through rebirth -- one, two, sometimes five at a time, sometimes a hundred at a time. For they are here, you see, to overcome any direct result of the actions of another one who has perpetuated hatred and hurt upon them. As a result of their being here and living in this state of wanting to bring about balance, each and every time they perform an act of kindness or give a smile to another they do not know, but what they are not helping to bring light back into the soul of Hitler, and as such, that little tiny light, that flicker will lift him to a point that he can begin to get away or move away or out of the Dark Planet. This works with all souls that are of the darkness. As long as there is one flicker, and that flicker of light is done about the kindness and forgivingness of humanity, then that gives that dark soul the right to begin to find grace for him or herself. If they choose to ignore grace, and actively choose to follow the dictates and the directions of Lucifer, then they are indeed lost souls.

Now there are dark spirits and you cannot pretend they do not exist. But, they also have the gift of free will as every angel has it, every soul has it. And as long as they choose not to see any portion of light, they will remain in this darkness. They cannot afford even to die, for when they die they will experience what the holy book speaks about as hell, for death to them is an endlessness. It is an ending of all they ever could be or would have been. It is a complete ending, you see. And, therefore they are filled with hate, frustration and nasty kinds of lust. They are constantly looking for those on Earth who are in a weakened state, -- weakened state of depression where it has lasted for years, or those who have an addiction to alcohol, an addiction to drugs, for this weakens the entire lower trinity, the physical mind, the physical body, the physical emotion. So, each and every time you find yourself sitting in a bar where the lights are low and there is plenty of liquor flowing, just remember this. Each and every time that you lift that liquor glass to your lips, you are also inviting a dark entity to enter and take over the body. Now that is not to say that every time you go out and you have too much to drink you are going to be possessed. But it does mean that if you continuously inhabit that type of habitat, that you certainly will become more susceptible.

That is why that there is not time for one of you to spend even one second holding depression or darkness in self. For whatever thee shall need, thy needs will be met through the Divine. Whatsoever thy desires are, these also shall be met through the Divine.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.