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Seven Levels of Consciousness

I do realize that psychiatrists speak of two levels : the level of consciousness and the subconsciousness, but that in itself is not one whole truth.

Firstly, there is Divine Consciousness, the totality, the whole of all that is, the guidance of all living things, not only in this galaxy, but other galaxies.

Then there is the universal consciousness. Some call this yang yin, where at one time one can have a thought of something to create, and on the other side of the world someone else is thinking the same thought, and therefore, that is why sometimes you hear that someone has developed something, but they had fallen just a week short of having it patented or whatever needs to be done, because of this universal consciousness. This thought has struck another, only the other one has picked up on it and has followed through on it and brought it into reality, for the other person has just thought about it and made no action, you see.

Then there is superconsciousness. This consciousness feeds the divine self only. It feeds to the divine self information that is given directly from the heaven worlds. It reminds the higher self of the divine laws. It reminds thy higher self of thy own ability to bring healing to self. It reminds the divine self of the ability to love all humanity and to spread it throughout humanity and therefore throughout the universe.

And then there is the astral consciousness. This is the consciousness that lies in the raiment around the physical body. And it is here that images or acts that thee has done are built and held in this astral body, and it adds and builds through thy entire life. And in approximately twenty four hours before death, it precedes the spirit, you see. It goes directly into the astral world, and the spirit must follow, whereby the spirit rejoins the soul - - goes to the heaven worlds where it is given full protection of the Archangels. Then the astral body is now in the astral world working to slough off any pain, any sorrow, any grief that it has found itself in while upon the Earth during its last journey. Eventually, as the astral body clears itself of all and any disbelief negative systems, belief systems that are not correct, - after this has been accomplished, the astral bodies will dissolve and go to dust, just as the physical goes to dust. And then the spirit and the soul come wide awake, enter into the heaven worlds, are greeted by the Heavenly Father/Mother - this oneness of peace, oneness of creation, oneness of grace - and looks again upon the face that brought this soul into creation. And there is great contentment and great joy.

The same greatness of joy can be felt by self while upon Earth if thee would only be willing to see that thee can enter in and out of these states of consciousness, listening to the higher self, determining the universal consciousness and divine consciousness, what the lower self wants to accomplish, and then using all of the gifts to bring it about and create a reality.

And then there is the conscious mind that thee uses every day to make a decision.

Then there is the subconsciousness mind. At physical death the subconscious becomes the conscious mind of the soul. And thee knows everything that thy soul has been put through, from the beginning of time right up until this now moment now, you see. And that is how self will judge self.

When this has been completed, the soul and the spirit will decide between themselves, as they move up and down and enjoy the countenance of the God Mother/Father, whether they will choose to remain in the heaven worlds to work, or they will choose to return to the Earth to balance something still, or if they want to choose to enter into a new galaxy, it is here that these decisions are made.

These seven different levels of consciousness can be felt as self moves through the very day. Thee can feel them change under thy feet, through thy solar plexus, and in thy everyday mind. All thee need do is become more attuned with that inner well of stillness, and with the stillness and the peace of the Earth. When thee comes into harmony with this portion of nature and all other living consciousness and then the consciousness of self, then it is easy to exit into and come out of different levels of consciousness while still remaining upon the Earth. It is not an easy task to perform, but it is certainly not impossible.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.