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   St. Titus of Crete

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   St. Titus 1st Century

Soul Choices

When you make your first choice to enter back into the Earthly realm, the Earthly energies, you have set for yourself pre-destiny, and this is discussed with your spiritual mother and father. You are aware of what you need to balance from prior lifetimes, or even from the last lifetime.** We know what actions** needs to be taken. You know what you have to become to accomplish this balancing.

And then once the decision is made, the soul will hover around the body of the mother long before the mother even becomes pregnant. And the soul watches the comings and goings of the mother and the father to make sure that this is the correct family. And then, when the mother becomes pregnant, the seed is planted, and the body begins to grow within the mother.

Now the soul waits outside, and the soul enters the body at the very second that the baby takes its first breath. And that is why it is called the “God Breath”, because the soul enters right then, you see. Now any changes made as the baby begins to grow, and as the baby begins to expand from then just knowing its mother and father into meeting friends, and then beginning the school, the education, this is called mind expansion, for the child is now in a state of learning. I believe it is said that learning is accomplished through knowledge, but wisdom is showing up for life.

Now as the child grows, that aura will grow and expand with him or her, and it will take on and hold a thought, sometimes disassociated thoughts, but anything that occurs to that body will be blueprinted in the aura itself. And that is why a psychic can hold a picture of a baby or a person and be able to tell you where that person is if that person is alive, or if energy contained in whatever object you’re holding, if that person has already passed over from beyond the veil, then that picture will hold no energy. It is flat, as if it is dead.

That aura stays with you from the moment of birth all the way through to the ending of your life, and then it precedes the body in death. It goes firstly into the heaven worlds, and then the spirit must follow. So it leaves the body, it rejoins the soul, and the spirit and the soul become one and go immediately into the first heaven world and go into a state of slumber. Here it is resting from its last journey on Earth, and it is protected from all outside entities by the seven great Archangels.

Over in the astral world, the astral body is awake and is learning. And as it comes to the first astral world the first duty, shall we say, is to release the pain. If there were pain at its death, that is released, old habits are given up, anyone who smokes or drinks, that desire is slowly dissolved.

And to the second heaven world, the entity has let that go, and now must begin to move away from knowingly of different relationships, beginning to take on now a more heavenly appearance.

Then that will dissolve and the entity will appear in the third astral world. Here it will be reminded of its knowledge of beautiful music, beautiful languages. It will be conversing with the Archangels, knowing that it is going to be seen and able to talk to the God/Goddess Consciousness very soon.

And then it moves into the fourth world, and here it sloughs off everything that would keep it from the Kingdom of Heaven. Then, the astral body goes to dust, just as the physical body goes to dust. And then the soul and the spirit come wide awake, and they find themselves in the presence of their Creator.

It is here that they find complete peace, complete understanding, complete compassion, and they feel completed within themselves. And then it is also here that the soul makes up its decision whether it is going to remain to work in the heaven worlds to help others on Earth, or it is going to return back to life, or even if it is going to go into another galaxy. But that is a decision that only the soul will make in accordance with the God/Goddess Consciousness.

It is here that the soul, the subconscious, becomes the conscious mind of the soul, and therefore the soul will look at itself from all*** times. And if there are any flaws, it is here that the soul would decide where they need balancing, or if they are going to teach instead, you see. And once that decision is made, the soul will move up until *** he comes up to the*** third heavenly world, and then here the decision must be made to remain and stay and teach from the heavenly worlds, return to Earth, go on to another galaxy. Whatever decision the soul makes then, then the soul goes back into a lower heavenly world, the first one again, and here is chose** spiritual mother and father, his Archangels, and they sit down and have a conference.

When the soul decides what it needs to balance, it is then that it chooses its moment of birth. And it is also then that the soul will choose the moment of birth due to the heavenly planets as they revolve in their orbit for influences to help bring out the best of that soul, and any negative influences that the soul must learn to transcend, you see.

Now, before birth, it is you that chooses the mother and the father and the family, therefore choosing historical background, genetics, DNA, and so forth. Through whatever reason you have chosen a particular family to help complete your journey upon Earth, it is always for a reason to benefit the soul. So, if you chose to enter into a family that was not as equally or higher than self in spiritual knowledge, then simply know that no matter what you live through that you were the teacher. Even if you suffered abuse, know that you are a very strong soul; for a weaker soul could not stand up to that.

Now we must also discuss the condition of the Earthly mother and father. And it is here that when it comes to the mysteries of sex that it is of the utmost importance that the masculine man and the feminine woman must be clear in their thinking and in their love of each other, for love is a tremendous energy. And it sends itself up all the way into the heaven worlds even after death. And when the sexual act is preformed in a state of love, then the seed that is planted, that seed when it is born and becomes the child, it is here that that child will decide whether or not he wants to become one of the greater people to help bring changes to the world.

If the mother has a slovenly mind, and therefore takes on slovenly actions, and goes from one boudoir to another without discrimination, or sometimes performs the sexual act in a state of drunkenness, the seed that is planted, then it is that child that will be the most likely to have to be a very strong soul, for it is naturally being born weak, a weak soul, you see. Then that soul has a great deal of work to overcome that the seed was planted before he even chose that one to be the mother.

So it is always to be careful, you see. Insure that the one that self is making love with is the one that you can spend the rest of your life with. Insure that the feminine and the masculine have honor and respect for each other, and that they carry the act of love into an act of embracement or to glorify the God-like nature within themselves, and not to give into simply dark lust, even rape, you see, all of this of the darker negative side. And if the seed is planted in this state, then that soul will be a weak soul when it is born. So it is gong to have a long way to go to overcome what the mother and father prepared for that child to walk through. And, yet the soul will still choose to be the child of that person, because the soul is so filled with strength before birth, that yet after birth when it is here, it is weakened through the action of the parents, or through the action of the coupling. And then the seed must overcome and use to the best of his/her ability every law that the Divine Creator gave to help them overcome the nature of their own weakness, to gain back the strength that that soul had in the first place.

So, as I am not one to give a lecture, nevertheless, as I present this, I hope it will be accepted by the whole of society as it is given, so as society will raise itself once again to give honor and respect to the sexual act itself, to give honor and respect to all living creatures. And it is this that is going to break the chain of children now that are killing each other on the streets, are shooting each other in the schools. It is the weaker seed, you see, trying to gain back their natural state of strength, and they are going through trials and tribulations to accomplish this. And yet the people, the eyes are closed, they cannot see this. They cannot see it in their teachings to the children. They have given their power away.

Now even this begins in the sacred heart of the universe, for it is within the soul that you are going to find the twin, both male and female. The soul is both awake and it is asleep. The part of the soul that broke away, the part that descended to Earth, it can also dissolve itself and break apart again, you see. And there is still a part of the soul that remains in the heaven worlds. But where the soul is both feminine and masculine, it is almost brother and sister, you see. Inside the soul, and then upon Earth it presents itself in the form of man and woman, with the man always projecting the masculine side of his soul, and the woman always projecting the feminine side of her soul. And this reflects itself again in the knowledge that the woman is always the taker of love and the man is the giver of wisdom. And no matter how many laws humanity wants to change, they cannot change the divine law, where the man carries the difficulties on his shoulders, and the woman carries the difficulties on her hips. For only the woman can give birth; only the woman can create a home, only the woman can decide to remain the object of her husband’s desires, only the woman knows the secret code of feminine DNA. And that code is: “ I am the mysteries of the still waters. I am the white moon amongst the stars. I can choose to walk across the fields of green grass, and, yet I can know the mysteriousness and the mystery behind your eyes.” That is an ancient quote that is taken from the Wicca religion, but yet it is perfect to describe all of the DNA in the mysteries in the feminine soul.

Now the man, having chosen to be masculine and walking in the male body, would choose to give that woman all of his secret desires, his wisdom, and is willing to take her love, and, therefore there is a perfect inner exchange completed, whereby husband and wife must cling to each other, and then mother-father, and then the woman, through perfect natural loving conception will bring forth a child.

And there is the unity of the home. The home is of an all-perfectness, for it is in the home where the children must be taught firstly. It is in the home where the children see actions of the parents, both those that are visible to the eye and those that are invisible to the eye. And it is here that the babe begins to set his own field of standards for himself. And then as he branches out, goes out of the house and begins to make new friends, the aura changes, he receives more knowledge from those children that are friends, not brothers or sisters. And here the parents must come together and stay together as husband and wife so as they can be mother and father to guide that child.

And that is the reason why when there are children involved, you must always choose to be husband and wife firstly, and then the mother and father. For husband and wife will come together in a strength through that love that binds and will build a canopy. And underneath that canopy they become mother and father to the children that are born of both their loins, you see. And the child here has the amazing security, knowing that he can not play the mother against the father, the father against the mother, that there is a united front. Husband and wife, mother/father, and then the child, therefore that home is in an utter state of perfect security, the children being obeying to the parents, the parents then loving each other, husband and wife, and then letting that love flow over and encompass the children keeping them safe, teaching them the values and divine truth.

If you would take but a moment, and sit down at a time where there will be no interruptions, and quiet your mind. Learn to discipline your mind. After all, when your mind is disciplined, your mouth is disciplined. Take complete breath. Simply concentrate upon the word “breath “. Bring each breath in from the abdomen, pulling it up through the nostrils, hold to the count of three, and then blow out. Say “breathe“ again, and then concentrate on breathing, bringing it up through the nostrils, hold to the count of three and blow out. Take seven of these God-like breaths, and on the seventh breath, step into a cathedral you have built. The walls of this cathedral are of the high pine trees, the floor is the rich moss, the light is the dappled rays of the sun, and enter into this cathedral. Walk around and say thy name aloud, and then let the peace and the quietness transfer itself into you, filling your well of stillness. And then walk to the altar and raise your arms above your head. Say your name aloud, and then say “ I accept all abundance; abundance in riches, abundance in health, abundance in love, and abundance in well being. I deserve, for I am a child of God.” And then in this meditational spot, with one prayer, and that is simply, ask that humanity become blissful.

Now take some deep breaths, come down, come down, reenter the body on the last breath, and then go about thy daily activities, and do not give this meditation another thought. But set a time for the next day that you can do this again, and the next day again, and so forth. And you will find that your very life will change to the frequency of your thoughts. You will begin to think higher thoughts. You will see divine intellect appearing not only within you, but all around you. You will find people coming into your life that can help you and guide you, and you can help and guide them. So, again it becomes an even exchange.

You will see yourself coming into more abundance, for you are willing to accept it. You will find yourself becoming more healthy, because you expect it. And you will find yourself embracing well–being, because you want it. And you are accepting it as a thank-you from the very one that created you.

And there is not one soul created that was created to know pain or suffering or hunger or homelessness. These souls that have chosen this as a way to gain knowledge for whatever reason, are the strongest souls born. And yet the soul that chooses otherwise, to hold a job that pays well, to live in a home that is exceptionally nice, to have plenty of money, they are also deserving of this, because they want it, they deserve it, they are a child of God and they have chosen it. So every soul has a decision to make, and that decision will affect that pre-destiny and whatever changes you make becomes your new destiny.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.