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Other Universes

When the God/Goddess created the Earth, He created one galaxy but He also created many other galaxies, all a part of this divine universe. So it is a truth that there are many other universes within this one universe. The sacred heart of the universe lies in the direct center, of which there is no beginning and no ending. This is the sacred heart of the God/Goddess.

In other universes there is intellect, but it is in bodies that are not like those upon Earth. It is in bodies that coincide to the different energies of a different universe.

Altogether, there are six different universes than the one you know right now. Life upon these universes are different then life upon Earth. Some of them are more progressed in their spirituality. Others are more progressed in their technical knowledge of working mechanical things. But what is of great importance, is that all seven universes, including the Earth, comes under the creation of that one great Divine Spirit that was the first divine thought that gave forth the building of souls, and then the building of other life.

Now I do realize that the people of the Earth have a natural curiosity in wanting to seek and understand living life from other living places. That is as natural as death is to the physical body. And the same is true to other galaxies.

There is a galaxy called Plebia, and it lies many millions of light years away, to the east, and it is in another galaxy completely. And there, the enoch on that planet are of the kind gentle nature. And they have a tendency to want to learn from the Earth, and to also help teach love to the Earth.

But make no mistake, there is no Plebian going to come here, live on Earth, and do the work for anyone in humanity. For thy energy is different. Thy physical body is different. Thy physical is adapted to the energies of the Earth. The Plebians – it would take several lifetimes – and the first lifetime would be in a * body, for him or her to adapt into a correct physical body that would be able to move easily around the Earth.

The second planet is Trygortha. It lies many million light years away, to the south of the Earth. Now, here, the enoch are not so evolved in spiritual knowledge as even the Plebians. It is here on Trygortha that they are building and then rebuilding many mechanical subterfuges. They have perfected a cure for cancer already, and they have perfected cures for many of the illness that are upon the Earth. And yet they are not willing to part with any of that information. They feel that the Earth humanity can find it upon their own, and then correct it to fit humanity of the Earth. They are more of a scientific minded groups of people. But, there is of very little in their idea of compassion and knowledge of the God/Goddess Conscious. It is practically nil there.

The point I want to make is that before Peru, many years before Peru, people from the other galaxies landed on Peru, and also landed in England, and periodically have landed in the United States, and then they have returned to their home. But they visit here, primarily out of curiosity. Not that there is so much that they want to do to help – simply curiosity. And the Trygorthians are very good at expecting knowledge from others. Now they cannot stay for long periods of time, for the energies are not compatible with their particular types of bodies. So they have to return.

But do not draw direct attention to yourself in assuming that each and every enoch that has entered into the energies of the Earth is going to be your friend, is going to want to love you, care for you, help you, for this is a non-truth. Some of the enochs from Trygortha, they are simply of a very, very, very curious nature, and they can do great harm to the physical body.

The Plebians, although they are of a more gentle loving nature, nevertheless, they are searching, you see, searching for spirit, searching, and sometimes their idea of searching is to attempt to look into the brain of others upon Earth. And again, that would not be pleasant, you see. So I only say I cannot encourage thee to seek them out, these other galaxies. But know that indeed they are here. Thee is not in any position of harm, if thee were just to use thy head and do some straight thinking, and go about thy business as usual. But do not go out and sit on a mountain top and wait and pray and encourage these types of individuals to land their space ships and attempt to find thee. Put all that into the past and leave it be. Simply leave it be.

It is to be remembered that in the other universes, the peoples themselves are quite different than the people’s makeup and the energy of the people’s makeup upon the Earth. And yet remember that all living life, whether it is of the Earth, of the galaxies, life of an animal, of a flower, of the living waters, was all created by one creator.

Now, within this absolutely perfect, sacred universe, that is where other universes themselves remain. Just as the Earthly galaxy sits at one point, across the circle there is another galaxy, and down below there is another galaxy. Now, there may perhaps be more than the two I have just given, but if there are more, then at this time I am not aware of them. Now that is not to say there cannot be more, for surely there may be, and I am just not aware of them in my present awareness, you see.

But also, know that no matter how difficult life becomes for anyone upon Earth, it is only wishful thinking that an enoch would be dropped to Earth to take over and do the people’s work that is already upon Earth. For each and every soul is built to know joy and is built for the soul to complete ** progressive passage for journey. And there is not one, whether from another universe or not, that can do thy work for thee. Each individual is responsible for thy own individuality right down from the ego all the way up to the spirit and the soul. And, again I would emphasize, do not, do not attempt to follow sightings and to go to a mountain top and sit and wait for there to be a sighting of a space ship, for thee does not know from which galaxy the enochs would be coming from. And thee could set thyself up to be in great danger, you see.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you see an asterisk (*) in the text, this indicates that Titus' words on the tapes from which these channelings were transcribed were unclear. Instead of guessing at his meaning, we inserted an asterisk (*) to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase.